Friday, 24 July 2015

Styling my Hair Extensions..

If you follow me on social media it will be no secret to you that i have recently invested in some hair extensions - just clip ins so that i can mix my hair styles up from shorter to longer and play around with it a little bit! For a very long time ive loved to wear my hair in a side braid and this is definitely one of my favourite styles to create with my hair extensions - it creates a beautiful long plait and im obsessed with it! Another style im in love with is curls! Curly hair is definitely my favourite anyway, and especially with these long blonde locks.. i am obsessed with it!! The above 2 styles are definitely my favourite and you dont even need any skill or expensive products to create either. Simply use a bobble for the plait and any hair grips for any straggler hairs that pop out. Then for the curls i used my Midnight GHD hair straighteners to create some soft curls, and a little hair spray to hold them! 
Now onto the hair extensions themselves.. i got these beauties from my hairdresser Ashley at Serene Spa in Barnard Castle, and couldnt believe it when she told me they would only cost me £50. These ones are 18 inch and died ombre in the exact shades i get my actual hair coloured! I actually couldnt believe it when Ashley popped them into my hair because the colour match is exact!! They are extremely soft and amazing quality and can be washed and styled like normal hair which is great! I didnt choose to get extensions to thicken my hair because its definitely thick and crazy enough as it is.. i decided to get them because my hair has definitely got to a point where it just doesnt want to grow anymore, so i figured id just bite the bullet and get the extensions! And im very happy i did :). 


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