Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Instanatural 'Youth Express Eye Gel' & 'Hyaluronic Acid Serum' - Review With Amazon

Recently i have become extremely skincare obsessed & keen to try and use products to help me find the natural balance for my skin! Over the years i have been pretty lazy with skincare and for a long time i just used make up wipes to wash my face (Groce i know). I think its because i was young and didnt really understand the importance of taking care of my skin at the time! 
Anyway, a couple of weeks ago i was approached by the lovely Sylvie from Amazon who offered to send me the above products to review, completely free of charge! Being skincare obsessed, i obviously accepted and so from the moment i received them i have been trialling them and seeing what they are like! 

Firstly, the Instanatural youth express eye gel - Now, for me this product was something i was extremely excited to use.. simply because i work extremely long and antisocial hours and obviously this results in me getting huge eye bags and dark circles underneath my eyes. The aim of this product is obviously to reduce wrinkles, crows feet, dark bags and make your skin lovely and firm, hydrating and plumping the skin. Obviously at the age of 22, the wrinkles part seems kind of distant but honestly its never too early to start using an anti wrinkle cream! However, the element of this product i have found to work brilliantly is that it truly does make my skin feel super firm afterwards!! I apply a very small amount around the eye area and leave to dry and after 5 minutes my eye area feels extremely hydrated and much firmer!! Another thing i love is how fresh it smells, i love anything cucumber anyway, and obviously cucumber is always associated with relaxing so to me i just love this! Its super refreshing and im definitely going to continue using this!!  

Next, the Premium hydration hyaluronic acid serum - When i was told by Sylvie that i would be receiving a serum i was definitely excited, this is because most bloggers swear by serums.. so obviously i was extremely intrigued to give one a go! When i read around this product i noticed that it seemed to be a very fresh scented and light product! When i gave it a go i was soooo pleased with it instantly! This is because i love the amazing scents but also, i cannot believe how hydrated it makes your skin feel afterwards!! It really is very pure and fresh and i feel like something like this is just perfect for summer when you have spent the day feeling hot and sweaty and just want to feel super refreshed when you take all your make up off!! Out of the 2 products i have been sent this one is definitely my favourite and i have to say i am a serum convert thanks to this!! 


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