Saturday, 4 July 2015

Guest Blogger 'The Girl On Trend' - Desert Island Essentials

Hey everybody! So todays a saturday and im bringing you a blogpost?! Thats because this is the first of 3 bloggers i've selected for my to do some guest blog posts here on whatlaurenlovess. Il hand you over to the lovely bloggers now! So enjoy the next few posts & il be back on tuesday with my regular stuff again! Meaning you guys get 5 blogposts in 5 days, eek! 

I’ll begin by introducing myself! I’m Lucy from The Girl On Trend and I was super excited when Lauren gave me the chance to write a guest post! Thanks Lauren!

If I was stuck on a desert island, one of my essential items would definitely be my Chanel Coco Rouge Lipstick, I know I know, it sounds silly but lipstick is one of my essential items on a day to day basis! I just don’t feel right without it! My Chanel lipstick ‘Mademoiselle’ is my favourite lipstick, I’d definitely need it with me!  

Another essential item would be moisturiser, im assuming that it would be very hot so my skin would probably dry out. My skin is very important to me, and i take good care of it. 

My final essential item would be a cute wrap around. I don’t really know what I’d be wearing anyway, but if it became colder on the night, having a wrap around would warm me up. The wrap would definitely have to be patterned rather than plain as I’m really into patterned items at the moment!

What would your three essential items be?

Lucy x

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