Monday, 6 July 2015

Guest Blogger 'The Brunette Canvas' - Desert Island Essentials

Welcome to 'My 3 Desert Island Beauty Products' post. Firstly I'd like to thank Lauren for giving me this opportunity to write a guest blog post on her beautiful blog! and to say a BIG haaayy! to you guys.
When Lauren asked me what 3 beauty products I would take to a desert island I can honestly say I have thought long and hard about this question.....and struggled ma-hoosively! I thought the easiest way to decide what items I would take would be to think of products I can not live without and use religiously

Still indecisive I turned to my best friend and asked her what she would take just for pure curiosity! I can honestly say I don't think I would be to fused about topping up my foundation or concealer, I would be to busy exploring the island and plus I hate my pores getting all blocked-up, don't get me wrong I love doing my make up and been all flawless and that haha but with a million degree heat on a beautiful desert island I'm thinking hydration & care! .... Boring you may think but our skin needs a little lovin'!.....I guess I'm a safetly girl :) so something with SPF is important to me. Those sun raise can definitely do some damage!and we want to age beautifully ....don't we? For my first item I decided on Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel. This beauty has it all-it purifies, revitalises, smoothes repairs and protects the skin! It has a scent to dye for! I love it, it is my absolute favourite when my skin is feeling a little bit rahh! This is a must for your desert island beauty bag!

Protecting the skin is a big must from the suns harmful rays so my second item I would take in my beauty bag is Clinique City Sheer SPF 25- This is a light weight sun block with a tint so you can wear it alone without foundation (also as a primer if you wanted to wear foundation) It is great for absorbing excess oil and you can apply it around the eye area.You can also get this in a higher SPF. 

My last beauty item would definitely be something that gets me smelling like a tropical mermaid! Molton Brown Japanese Orange Body Wash. This guy smells absolutely beaut! I can't think of any thing better than wandering a beautiful island smelling exotic and it is perfect for antioxidant protection.

I hope you enjoyed my '3 Desert Island Beauty Items', thank you so much for reading! I would love to know what items you would take.....and how long it takes you to decide. :)

Becca x


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