Sunday, 19 July 2015

5 Things i would tell my teenage self

Ok so i cant be the only person who looks back at old photos and massively cringes about what they're wearing or thinks about the things like they have said or done and just thinks WHY WHY WHY did i do that?!
Today i thought i would share with you all my top 5 things which i would tell my younger self, either as advice to not make particular mistakes or as a friendly hint to not wear the hideous Crazy Frog top (Yes, i did do that!). So here goes...

1. Step away from the Black eye make up! It will not make you look older than you are, infact it just looks like a 3 year old has outlined your eyes with a blunt crayon. 

2. If you are not naturally blessed with a big chest dont use 'wow' bras to make you look bigger than you are! It just makes your body extremely dodgy shaped & your boobs going sideways rather than outwards. Just embrace the fact you dont have a big chest.. it definitely has lots of positives and you'll be extremely grateful for them when you're older! 

3. It is not cool to be top to toe in designer. 9 times out of 10 the things you have put on dont even match, you're just wearing them to show off! Take them off, and go over to primark - pick yourself up something simple! You will look MUCH better. 

4. Dont eat pasta for every meal at uni - it will catch up on you and you will pile on the pounds from all the carbs! Maybe, learn to cook before you start uni so you can have at least 3 different meals a week rather than pasta bolognaise with half a block of cheese every single night. That tight bodycon dress will not be forgiving, despite what you think at the time!

5. Smile with your teeth for goodness sake, you might be super happy on that day but every single time you look back at that photo your face will be saying a different picture!! 

Above is a beautiful collage of examples of why i would tell myself all of these things if i could go back and give my younger self a good telling to haha! Every single one of the photos are an example of why i should definitely smile with teeth.. because believe it or not i was extremely happy on all of the above days! One was even christmas day, but i actually look like someone ran over my cat! eek!
If you are still a teenager yourself and reading this then feel free to take any amount of advice from these little reminders! Believe it or not i have actually had quite a lot of fun putting this post together as it reminds me of some really fun and happy times. Why dont you readers carry this on if you have a blog, im intrigued to know what you would tell your younger self if you could?! Tag me in your instagram posts when you do 'whatlaurenlovess'


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