Sunday, 21 June 2015

That Primark Colour Pop Jumpsuit

Finally the beautiful weather is here and i can wear beautiful colourful clothes again without looking daft! Today i bring you this amazing primark jumpsuit which some of you may think "been there done that". Im not the kind of person to throw out or sell my clothes purely because ive worn it once or everyone else wore it a year ago! i love everything about this jumpsuit! The amazing blend of colour, the silk material which makes it super airy and perfect for summer, the steal price it cost me at £12 (i actually spotted it recently in Primark for £5). My aim for this post is showing you that its ok to have clothes a year on from when everyone else had it, infact its sometimes better. Its reminding yourself and others how incredible a piece is and also you're showing it off again when everyone else has forgotten about it. 
Lots of love for this insanely nice jumpsuit. I feel like it would be a perfect travelling outfit too as its bright and colourful for when you get off the plane somewhere exotic and want to look holiday ready and also you can move easy in it which is exactly what you want from a travelling outfit! If you love it too and can no longer find it in store why dont you go hunt for it on depop or ebay! Im sure it will still be available somewhere!! 


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  1. OH MY GOSH, I am in love with this jump suit, I cant believe its a Primark Steal! Looks lovely on you!


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