Friday, 26 June 2015

Natural Nude Make Up Look

Today i bring to you another beauty and make up related post! However, as you can see above i have talked through the majority of these products already and linked them in previous posts! So instead il just go into some more depth about the staple products i used to create this look. 

Naked Basics Palette
As you may be aware by now if you are a religious viewer of my blog and instagram.. I loveee this palette. Had it for months now and honestly cannot even express how amazing i think it is! Im constantly playing around with the shades and trying out different looks with each! So, for this look i used the shades 'Naked 2' And 'Faint' which are 2 nude brown shades. The lighter shade is 'naked 2' which i used all over the lid of my eye and then i used 'faint' in the crease to add some depth and a little bit of a smokey eye effect. I also then carried on to use this colour underneath my eye using a thin liner brush and then blended this in the corner of my eye to ensure that the shadow wasnt too harsh. 
I would honestly recommend this product to anyone whos starting out with high end make up and wants to buy a good product which will get used lots and lots! So here i have linked one for you! let me know if any of you decide to get it!! 

Benefit They're Real
So for christmas i got this mini theyre real mascara from my Mum and havent even contemplated using it untl recently. Now i have used it and seen the wonders its done with my lashes i really have no idea why i havent used it until now. I will definitely be purchasing the larger one.. i actually even think that this one might be my new favourite over Rollerlash!! and thats saying something! 

Maybelline Color Drama - Nude Perfection
My favourite drugstore lip liner! I am absolutely obsessed with a nude lip and lately ive just come to realise that I think i suit a nude lip more any other lip colour. This one is a steal at about £5 and is chunky so goes on really well and also is matte, what more could you want seriously? So in love with this product!! 


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  1. I really want to try out that powder but I've never got the hang out eyeshadow so I'm put off buying palettes haha!
    Charlotte xx


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