Tuesday, 30 June 2015

June favourites

I dont think i have every brought you a favourites post here on 'whatlaurenlovess' which is the reason why i have decided to share mine with you! I love watching favourites videos and reading blogposts so i figured i would add something into the mix which i enjoy reading myself. 

M A K E U P I T E M S :

Bourjois Chocolate Bronzing Powder - Ok guys i thought id start with my favourite product of june which is this Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer. I am obsessed with this a little too much, i love the finish it leaves and it creates such a nice matte contour! I should have bought this so long ago but just didnt jump on the bandwagon. Majorly obsessed with it, its cheap, smells beautiful, and is honestly my holy grail beauty product right now! I promise if you buy it you wont be disappointed, this item is definitely going to be a repurchase! click here to purchase ... 

Maybelline Baby Skin Primer - Yet another product which i am completely obsessing over! I am quite late to the party on the whole primer thing, but ive had this one a while now and figured its time i started to use it. Anyway, ive literally not looked back! I use it every single day. Its great for someone like me who works nights and 12 and a half hour shifts because it keeps my make up in place for the majority of my shift! I think this is about £8 which is insanely cheap. Im looking to try the Benefit porefessional primer as i recently tried a sample and loved it! So thankyou to baby skin for totally making me a primer convert!! Click here to purchase ...

Mac Lip Liner 'Stripdown' - Ok so id just like to take this opportunity to thank Kylie Jenner yet again for introducing us to matte nude lips! This is one of my favourite nude lip products and i actually think its one of Kylies as well! I love nothing more than a nude lip and have lately come to realise that i probablies suit nude lips more than the bright colours! The one thing thats even better than just a plain nude lip is a matte nude lip - which is why lip liners have recently become my holy grail lip products! Not only do they last ages but they are cheaper than lipsticks so why not use them! This one creates a darker looking nude and i loveee it. Click here to purchase ..

F A S H I O N I T E M S : 

New Look Suede Pink Heels - I dont really feel like i have a favourite clothing item for this month as the weather has been all over the shop so there is not particularly any items i have which ive really worn over and over. However, i chose these shoes as my fashion favourite this month because i am literally crazy for them! Such a beautiful material, colour, design & they are also super comfy! I recently wore these for my best friends birthday night out which a LBD and they teamed together so well! Thankyou so much New look for providing me with my new favourite heels! Click Here to Purchase ... 

S H O P :

The previous post now leads on to my next favourite... shops! My current favourite shop is definitely New Look - ive been on their website and into their shop so many times in the last month i definitely couldnt count! I even went in to take a bikini top back and swore id just get my money back but i couldnt resist their cheapness and beautiful items & ended up coming out with 2 new tops! Im terrible and completely head over heels for everything they have right now! New Look is such good value and always has such a huge variety of different bits!! I think my love for the place will continue! 

S K I N C A R E : 

Garnier Moisture Protect Moisturiser - I've definitely mentioned this on my blog a few times, in some of my previous make up looks and just definitely couldnt leave it out of my favourites for this month (especially as its been a favourite of mine for months!). However, its nearly all gone and i wanted to show one last appreciation to it before its time to throw it away!! I love that this cost me about £2 when it was on offer and leaves my skin feeling amazing! I pop it on everyday before my make up and i love the glow it leaves on my skin! Im always cautious with moisturisers because they can sometimes leave my skin very oily and make me break out but this one hasnt done that at all and im in love with it. I bought the pink version last week so im excited to start using that one very soon! Click here to purchase ...

T V P R O G R A M M E :

I couldnt have a favourites without including GOT after this months explosive episodes & the end of the latest series!! I wont give anything away about what happened but WOW i dont think i could get over the last episode for a good few days!! Everyone who is anyone is on the Game of thrones hype and i swear its like the most oddly addictive series ever! If you havent watched it yet then doooo! Such a good series, 110% recommend to anyone! 

F O O D & D R I N K :

Bubble Base UK : This has definitely been a particular obsession of mine over the last month! I have visited the one in Cardiff St Davids centre 4 times in the June and even made all my friends try it when they visited me 2 weeks ago! Such different and refreshing drinks and whenever i go into town i always look forward to grabbing one after a hard day shopping! Definitely recommend if you are like me and love to try different things. I think my favourite flavour so far is Mango Iced Tea with the Passion Fruit Bubbles! Yum! 

Y O U T U B E R // B L O G G E R 

Not that she needs any kind of extra recognition since she is such a successful blogger anyway but i honestly just had to add Victoria from In The Frow to my favourites for this month! Hand on heart shes definitely my favourite blogger not only of the month but ever. I keep very much up to date with all of her posts, videos, instagram pics, tweets etc. I think what i admire about Victoria is that shes so successful and extremely creative which i love! You can tell from her posts that she puts her all into her videos & all of the other bits she does! Definitely my goal to be like her and she inspires me so much! Definitely go check her out if you havent already but id be very surprised if you guys arent already completely obsessed with her.. all links below!! 


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