Friday, 5 June 2015

Denman 'Tangle Tamer Ultra' Review

Review time guys, and its a good one!! Obviously as a blogger its my job to be super honest about the products im reviewing, so im going to do that! I got sent this Denman Tangle Tamer Ultra just over a week ago and since then have been using it every day so i can give you an honest review of my thoughts. HOWEVER, i could have written this review after the first time i used the brush. I didnt really see the hype with tangle tamers before i got this one, WOW IT IS AMAZING. I have struggled on with just your average brush for so long and honestly just believed that it was my hair that was the problem & id probablies never find a brush that could tackle my annoyingly tangled & frizzy hair. Now however, this brush is my saviour & i can honestly say that after just a week of using this.. all of my other brushes are going in the bin. For one thing, i dont break my arm trying to brush my knotty wet hair and for another its just perfect. To me its the right size, perfect handheld design and not fiddly whatsoever, i couldnt ask for anything better in a brush. 
So basically this brush is a brand new product to the Denman Brush collection, and is the larger version of the original Tangle Tamer.. known as the 'Tangle Tamer Ultra'. This brush is ideal for others like myself with longer, thick hair which you find difficult to control on most days ha! Its made up of super soft bristles which are a variation of lengths to make gliding through the hair MUCH easier. I literally feel the benefits of using this brush every time i use it, as its got a cushioned pad which means that it follows the shape of your head and easily glides through your hair. I got it in this beautiful vibrant blue colour and i love it! It comes in lots of colours too, so if you want a FAB hairbrush you can also get it in a fun colour too! 
The retail price of the brilliant Tangle Tamer Ultra is £12.50 which is pretty good considering how long brushes actually last you! Head over to their website and order yours, i promise you you will not regret it! 
If only i could have videoed my reaction the first time i used this brush in comparison to struggling on with my old one! 

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