Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Daytime Drug Store Make Up Look

As someone who is just generally obsessed with make up I love to buy drug store make up as much as the next person. I love to hunt down the 3 for 2 offers and buy lots of items in different collections of make up which is probablies the reason that my make up storage is bursting at the seams. So for this post i created a daytime drug store look for you all, featuring some of my favourite drug store products. 

So for my face i went for the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation which i just love as a summer base, its so beautiful and dewy on the skin which is everything you want in a foundation for the summer. Its also super affordable so i would definitely recommend. For concealer i used a new product of mine, the collection 2000 lasting perfection which is something that i see every beauty blogger raving about constantly. I can completely see the hype of this product, the coverage is insane & super super affordable too!! For face powder i just used my trust Maybelline Matte maker powder which as you can tell ive hit pan big time on, but im still obsessed with it! 

Ok so i never go crazy with the contour through the day but to add a little bit of definition i have been using the Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer which i only bought a couple of weeks ago BUT OH MY GOODNESS IM OBSESSED. Its everything i could want in a bronzer, and i just love that its matte too - makes it perfect for daytime. Next on my cheeks i went for the Make Up Revolution Blushing Hearts Blush which is every girls dream - look how pretty it is!! The pigmentation of this blush is incredible and leaves the most beautiful glowing colour on your cheeks. I love it! 100% recommend. 

At the moment im using 2 of my favourite products for my brows on a daily basis when im not using my trusty benefit browzings. These are the Rimmel eye pencil and Maybelline Brow Drama in shade Dark Blonde. I love these products as a simple and easy method of doing my brows. The arent my favourite brow products to use but as drug store they do work pretty good and i still use them pretty much all of the time.

Starting with eyeshadow, for this look i used an older product of mine and probablies my first eyeshadow quad, its literally years old. Its this purple Avon eyeshadow quad. I used to use this every single time i went out until i discovered that theres actually other colours out there haha! From this palette i used the 3 lightest shades and used the medium light purple shade to line the underneath of my eye. Welcome back into my life avon quad, you've reminded me why i loved you so much back then! Next Eyeliner, I used the rimmel scandaleyes gel liner. I love this liner, its definitely a new found love of mine as it used to be a product which i just couldnt get to grips with. I personally believe i now love this because i have replaced the brush with a silicone liner brush by real techniques which allows for much more precision. If you have read my previous posts you may also be aware that I am obsessed with white eyeliner and have been for some time, so therefore this look obviously included my Maybelline Kohl white eyeliner. Finally, my trusty drugstore mascara. I have recently changed to using a new drugstore mascara for day to day wear and its this Maybelline Go extreme collosal mascara in leather black. Theres nothing i love more than having dark and long eyelashes, naturally they are blonde and stubby so this product just transforms them an absolute treat! I love it, and obviously its super affordable too!

Next my favourite part! Lipstick! As a base i used the Maybelline Baby lips In 'Peach Kiss' which is my all time fave lip balm! Followed by the beautifully pink Maybelline Lipstick in shade 'summer pink'. Drug store lipsticks are a huge part of my lipstick collection & although the coverage doesnt always last so long the pigmentation is great! This is one ive had for a few years & the colour is just so girly and perfect for summer. 


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