Sunday, 28 June 2015

A Rainy Day Date Night Ensemble

The weather is ridiculous at the moment, cant the clouds just go away and let the sun beam down all of the time! This was one of those veryyyy miserable june days where it was dull and the sun was hidden behind grey rain clouds all day! However, on days like this i guess its the perfect excuse to go for a nice meal & sport your most appropiate summer rainy day outfits! For me this is definitely a nice top, some jeans and a trusty pair of boots (being the key piece to a rainy day outfit). 
Ive had this beautiful top for nearly 2 years now but havent worn it in about a year and putting it on again reminded me of how much i still love it! I am obsessed with the colour blue (incase you havent noticed), so thats obviously a prime reason im head over heels for it, But also because i just love the embroidered detailing to the chest and the nude mesh neckline! This top sort of reminds me of old grecian outfits which are made of green leaves and things - because the neckline of the top just makes me think of wearing leaves to cover my chest! I love it! Next, an obvious staple item is a pair of navy blue denim high waisted jeans! These ones are new look and i have to say i am completely obsessed with them still! 
Finally the boots.. these are another item ive had for about 3 years and ive attempted to sell them on numerous occasions. However, recently i have decided to keep a lot of the items ive been trying so hard to sell, either because im finding them extremely wearable or because they actually fit me again! These suede biker boots are a New look purchase and until this night, id not actually worn them before! I really dont know why as im completely obsessed with them and they are SO COMFY! I love the grey colour and how well it ties this outfit together! The last thing you need when its raining is your feet getting soaked through with some sandals or pretty lacey heels, and obviously you also dont want to ruin your shoes! These boots are definitely a yes from me!
Also another quick thing... i have posted about it before but i created these beachy waves with my amazing babyliss wave wand! I am completely obsessed with it & use it all of the time to curl my hair! I was so pleased recently as Babyliss UK actually retweeted a recent blogpost of mine & shared my photograph over on their official instagram page! 

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