Friday, 8 May 2015

"Take Time To Do What Makes Your Soul Happy"

A little bit of a different post for you all today. Lately I have come to realise that for a long time/always, I have never been truly confident or able to do the things i love or wanted to do. When i was younger I was always super creative and enjoyed doing things that quite often people my age didnt enjoy and therefore resulted in a lot of people always saying 'you always act too young' and then changing due to peer pressure i then got comments saying 'you always act too old for your age'. For some reason the way i was as a person just wasnt 'right' to a lot of people, and i used to let peoples opinion on the things i wore or liked change who i was. Which was so wrong! At the age of 11-12 i used to love wearing tracksuit bottoms with disney characters on & tshirts with disney on.. and whatnot and i used to get comments about being 'childish' er hello... i was a child! Then when i was about 14 i remember a very distinct comment being made about a beautiful red spotty cardigan i had and wore a lot, and how i looked like a 'granny' wearing it. As ive got older i have definitely come to realise you cant make everyone happy in life, and certain things like the clothes you wear or the activities you enjoy should not be anyone elses problem. 
Since leaving sixth form i have had a hugeee part of my life missing due to making particular career choices and recently, i have realised that i have found a true way to involve it in my life again. What i am talking about is art and my creative streak. I was super pleased with my A levels in Sixth Form as i got an A* in Art and when i just suddenly stopped having anything to do with expressing my creative side it was very apparent that something was missing. Therefore I have recently discovered that this is the reason why i am loving doing my blogging so much, because it simply allows me the opportunity to be creative again! 
The reason i have informed you all of 'never being right for my age' is because i was always so terrified of showing my own style and own interests because people always had an opinion.. which completely interlinks with my blogging because now it is allowing me the platform and courage to be my true self and im finally not bothered about what people think about me. 
There is literally nothing i love more than thinking about each and every post i write and photographing shots for my blog and instagram. I have always been super obsessed with taking photos and now i have a blog it really gives me an excuse to take them, which i love!! 
If anyone is like me, and feels like they have constantly been judged for being a little bit different and feels like something is missing in their life (like for me, it was ability to be creative), then blogging and instagram is completely the right platform to do that! If you love a blog which is a little bit of everything then please continue to keep up to date with mine, i really do post about such a range of stuff and im still searching for my own theme and what i really want to be recognised for. If anyone reads my posts quite regularly i would love it if you would let me know of any consistent themes or trends that you recognise from my instagram or blog. 

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