Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Styling a perfect plain white tee.

Firstly guys i would just like to apologise for the quality of these photographs.. it was a little bit of a spur of the moment photo shoot & i used my iphone camera, silly me. 
Although, the point of the photographs is that i wanted to show you all this outfit! These photographs were taken pre-meal when we went to center parcs so i just wanted to wear something quite effortless whilst looking quite smart still. 
The centre piece for this outfit was definitely my plain white tee.. which i bought a couple of weeks ago and completely fell in love with. I know its plain white but i am completely obsessed with how amazing it looks & how super flattering it looks! This was also super cheap too! dont worry, i will link it below! 
I paired this plain tee with some wet look leggings which have been hiding in my wardrobe for years and i havent worn them in soo long and decided it was time that they made a reappearance. I forgot how much i loved these and how they dress any outfit up! 
Next i wore these a-mazing mint green patent leather pointed shoes. I am obsessed with them!! Pointed shoes have never been my thing to be honest and i remember a year or two ago i used to tell my mum how disgusting i thought they were, but lately i have taken a shine to them and thought id give some flat ones a go! I dont think i will ever look back either, im in love with how smart they look! Cannot wait to add some more to my collection!! These ones were a supermarket buy as well!! I will obviously give you the link below. 
Finally I paired this outfit with another brand new purchase of mine from Miss Guided, this waterfall jacket which i have already talked about in my 'woodland walks & boho vibes post' but i did wear it again on this night because it is so versatile and im just obsessed with it!! 
I love how teaming simple items together can make such a chique look! 

Shoes // sainsburys - no longer available online
Jacket // Miss Guided - No longer available online

L A U R E N 


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