Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sleek 'Midnight Blues' Eyeshadow Palette Review.

I am completely obsessed with this sleek midnight blues limited edition eyeshadow palette. Whenever i used to think about blue eyeshadow all i could think of was being about 10 and smothering my eye lid in it purely because wearing any kind of make up was cool back then, but now i am just obsessed with it. My make up style has changed sooo much in the last few months and now i just love experimenting with anything, blue eyeshadow being one of them. 
When i ordered this little palette (and a few other things, watch out for more posts on them) i wasnt really expecting to love it as much as i have. In the set you get 3 eyeshadows and a gel liner, Il be honest the liner doesnt particularly appeal to me and i havent tried it yet but the shadows are dreamy! In the above look i used all 3 to create an almost smokey blue look. 
Firstly i used the silver shade to cover the majority of my lid, followed by the navy blue for my crease and the outer area of the eyelid, and then finished it off by using a liner brush and the gorgeous light blue sparkly shade to line the underneath of my eye which i think is maybe my favourite part of this look!
I feel like this look makes the colour of my eyes stand out so much more and i dont feel the need to wear white eyeliner because my eyes already have so much going on! Another fab thing about sleek is how affordable they are, this palette was only £5.99 which is amazing considering you get 3 shadows and an eyeliner. I will link the product below so you can all go and get it and give it a go, honestly blue eyeshadow is something to be experimented with.. dont be afraid that you look like your 10 year old self, because honestly you wont! Let me know on instagram or twitter if you purchased it and any photos of what it looks like on you .. direct links for my social media are over there ---> 

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