Sunday, 24 May 2015

Review: The Babyliss Wave Wand.

Today im talking hair! Simply because i needed to share with you all my love for this amazing new wave wand i got a few weeks ago! A few months ago before i started by job i went through a little phase of selling everything i owned on depop for a little bit of money, and that included selling my curling wand.. which at the time didnt bother me, but then i missed it sooo much. From the summer until the end of april i simply just used to curl my hair with my GHDS and yes, it went curly but it wasnt exactly what i wanted and the actual curls went square edged. 
Therefore, when i spotted this wave wand i knew it needed to be mine. Before anyone thinks, wow your hair really isnt that curly & is still quite straight, THIS IS WHAT I LIKE ABOUT IT. What i wanted was to have a wave and slight curl to my hair but be able to keep the length. I am having a constant battle with the length of my hair and have come to realise that its not really going to get any longer than this therefore anything that makes it look longer is a bonus! I think ombre with a curl is beautiful & i particularly like my hair curly most! This wand cost me approximatley £28 and i actually bought it from next. I love it and its so easy to use & takes no time whatsoever! Keep up to date over on my instagram (direct link on the right ->) to see many more photos of my wavey hair in the future!! 

L A U R E N 


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