Sunday, 3 May 2015

My Nude Lip Product Spectrum

Happy Sunday guys! Today i thought i would give you all my interpretation of a nude lip post! Everyone loves a nude lip and thanks to the amazing Kylie Jenner nude and overdrawn lips are very on trend! Which i am obviously very grateful for as nude lips are definitely my favourite at the moment! 
So, today i give you my nude lipstick collection in a colour spectrum. The reason i have decided to do a spectrum is to prove and show people just the amount of variation there can be to a nude lip. I am very guilty and im constantly purchasing new lipsticks and getting shouted at it by my boyfriend but now ive done a spectrum of the shades i feel like i have got an extremely good leg to stand on that buying lots of nude lipsticks is very acceptable. 

From left to right... 
Mac Cinderella Collection 'Free as a butterfly' - This one is the lightest of all of my nude lips, its beautiful and very pale but i think this looks amazing with a tan. Its a nude with a shimmer and hint of gold and i absolutely love it. (8/10)
Mac 'Gel' - This beautiful lipstick is very similar to free as a butterfly actually, it is one of the frost lipsticks and comes out as more of a clear colour with a gold shimmer to it .. whereas cinderella has more of a pale colour base. (7/10)
Maybelline Color sensational '728 Honey Beige' - Another veryy nice nude. It actually creates such a nice block nude. I really do love this lipstick. and for some reason it smells amazing too? (6/10)
Rimmel London Lip Pencil '018 addiction' - This is a lovely lip pencil, which i have used a lot in the past. Its got a hint of pink to it and its a really nice. Its also very smooth which is nice because some lip pencils can be so sharp when you pop them on, but this one is more like the texture of a crayon! (5/10)
Mac Lip Liner 'Dervish' - This is the newest nude in my collection and i am actually obsessed. I bought this lip pencil because i saw one of my favourite Youtubers wearing it and thought it looked beaut. What i love about this is that its got a subtle hint of pink, which makes this 'nude' a little bit different to the rest. I know im going to wear this shade sooo much in the next few months! (9/10)
Maybelline Colour drama velvet lip pencil 'nude perfection' - This product has been a very much used item of mine over the last few months! Its been very well used and my obsession with it is still very extreme. It really is very velvetty on your lips and is a perfect matte nude shade. Also super affordable!! (9/10)
Mac Toledo Collection 'Oxblood' - Out of all my nude lipsticks this one is my 2nd fave. It has a orangey tinge to it which is why i like this one so much. Another plus point is that its matte which tbh i feel is a complete essential for a nude lipstick. (9/10)
Maybelline colour sensational 'rosewood pearl' - This is my oldest nude lipstick. Although i do love this one, and at one time it was very loved. Now i dont seem to wear it much anymore. If you are looking for an affordable nude lipstick to start off your collection i would recommend this one though, its very nourishing and not drying on the lips and also has a little bit of a metallic tinge of colour. (5/10)
Mac 'Velvet Teddy' - we alllll know about velvet teddy but i just cannot rave about this lipstick enough. I am obsessed!! My all time favourite lipstick. Could not recommend enough.. if they ever come back in stock.. grab it quickly!! (10/10)
Rimmel '264 coffee shimmer' - this one is the darkest of my nudes. Its very coffee like, as the name shows. I definitely do not give this shade enough credit, and definitely need to start wearing it some more. If you suit the darker shades i would recommend giving this one a go. Very affordable! (6/10)

L A U R E N 


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