Sunday, 31 May 2015

10 Ways To Feel Better About Yourself.

We all have days when we need a little pick me up or even a little guidance on how to make yourself feel better. Sometimes i actually hunt for little pieces of advise or quotes online to inspire me & spur me on for the day. It is quite a regular occurrence that i feel this way, so for the benefit of myself & as advice to others who are the same i have devised a little list of the things i do to cheer myself up & feel positive again. 

1. Grab a cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate.. or whatever your preference is.. 
Quite often sometimes i just crave a cup of tea when im feeling down or whatever, and most of the time it actually makes me feel so much better! It might be a caffeine fix that you needed or you might just want a huge mug of sugary tea. I dont normally drink sugar in my tea but when im feeling down or tired i do tend to add a sugar to pick myself up a little. 

2. Put your headphones in and play your favourite songs. 
The type of music i only really listen to is very upbeat, jumpy, fun and makes you crave a dance and jump around. Which is the exact reason that when im feeling down i like to put my music on, because it just lifts me up so much and makes me excited for nights out, and events coming up and things! Its very rare that music doesnt make me feel so much better!! 

3. Ring someone who you love chatting to who always cheers you up. 
In my case this is always my mum! If i want to talk to someone to have a heart to heart shes the first person i call, or even if i just need to speak to someone who will cheer me up or tell me how daft im being!

4. Have a long shower or a bath with all of your favourite products, and then do your make up and hair however you want to
Honestly this always makes me feel better, i love doing my make up with all of my favourite products and putting my favourite lipsticks on! Sometimes making yourself look better can make you feel soooo much better, its quite surprising really. 

5. Take yourself for a walk somewhere pretty if the weather is nice 
I have places where i LOVE to walk to and they make me happy and its places where i can think about things if i need to but also places that totally take my mind off anything. One is the walk through Penarth in Cardiff to the barrage because its just so picturesque and peaceful. The other is through the fields in Barnard castle because the views and everything are so amazing and its somewhere that i immediately think of to walk when i need to take some time out.

6. Have a little online shopping spree or even just a browse.
Sometimes looking online at clothes or make up or homeware or whatever cheers me up no end, even if its just browsing online.. it can make me feel better and gives me some inspiration for outfits or ideas for my blog. but maybe thats just because im completely addicted to shopping haha! 

7. Look for some inspirational quotes. 
I am forever hashtagging 'happyquotes' or 'inspirationalquotes' on instagram or any other feelings i may have for a little bit of reassurance that im not the only person feeling the way i do, and also for a little happy reminder or a quote to keep me going! I honestly do this so often because in one way or another it makes me feel so much better! 

8. Clean the house or have a wardrobe or make up sort out. 
I always feel so good when i have a clean out or a rearrange of my stuff, i have no idea why this makes me feel better. I guess a spring clean is just good because it means that you can refresh everything and throw away anything that reminds you of something, or even just things that you no longer like anymore. 

9. Write a list of things you need to do. 
I always find that writing a list of all of the important things i need to do helps me settle my head so much. As the things you need to do get ticked off it makes me feel extremely productive and theres literally no better feeling that going to sleep knowing youve had a productive day. It also makes me sleep so much better knowing ive written everything down that was on my mind and then i have no worry about forgetting about it. 

10. Do something spontaenous 
Whether its to go out for the day or plan something up and coming which is a little bit out of your comfort zone, or plan a day out somewhere. Spontanous means anything is acceptable so just do something a little bit random and different and it might make you really enjoy yourself! I love spontaneity, even if its just a spontanous night out with my friends, or something as spontaneous as planning a little trip away somewhere. Its entirely up to you.

Ok guys so there you have it, there are my 10 ways to feel better about yourself. Some are pretty simple and some are a little bit more random, obviously it just depends what kind of things you feel you need to do to give yourself a little pick me up. I hope this has been of some guidance to any of you, this is just really my list of things that i do to cheer myself up when im just having one of those days!! 

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