Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A taste of the states review

Evening guys! So tonight i thought that I would do a little review all about some products I got from an American sweet company called 'A taste of the states'. I am very obsessed with sweets .. Much more than chocolate! Which is why I decided to purchase more sweets than I did chocolate! Instead of buying sweets from the supermarket at the moment I seem to be a little bit obsessed with buying them from online websites I find. I decided to give this one a little go because I do love American candy and there was a few bits I hadn't tried that I wanted to give a go. 
If anyone is looking for a great little website which ships within the UK and sells American sweets for VERY reasonable prices then I would 110% recommend a taste of the states! From the photograph above you can see all of the products I've given a go and I'd say my favourite was the Jaw busters .. They're just great l graze on because they take you so long to actually eat! And the m&ms were insanely good too! Honestly guys go over and check out the website and even their social media for any deals that they may have! 
Instagram : atasteofthestates 

Let me know if the comments below if I've inspired you to go and purchase any of their products and what you decided to buy! 


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