Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Top Tips : Moving in with your other half.

Today's post is a little bit different from my usual posts, its a bunch of top tips for moving in with your other half. I have decided to write a post about this because I have recently moved in with my boyfriend and finally feel like we are settled enough for me to offer some advice to other people about to take the plunge and do the same. If you are about to move in with your other half or have it planned somewhere down the line.. then continue to read for some helpful little hints... 

1. Compromise is key. Basically every single decision that gets made will be about you and your other half compromising. Whether its about where you live, whats on the TV, what you have for dinner etc. You need to seriously develop a sense of understanding for the other individual and learn that you cant always get your own way. 

2. Come up with a good regime for splitting costs. Its only fair that you both pay equally for the necessities. Me and simon split everything.. for example one week il do the food shop and the following week he will, its never exactly the same amount (which it shouldnt be because if your counting every single penny thats very petty). We split all bills, both pay rent etc. This is the way it should be.. unless you have both come to an understanding (for example, if one person earns much more than the other or if one of you is a student). At the end of the day if one person pays more than the other now, the tables may turn when they are no longer a student as they may get a job earning more and end up paying for more because of it. 

3. SHARE. If any of you have been students before moving in together like me and simon both have then you will have developed a very good sense of noticing when someone has used your favourite mug or not washed up your plates or used some of your pasta. What you now need to learn to do is that nothing specifically belongs to you anymore, instead you share things.. and you are both entitled to use things as much as eachother. Its really hard when youve been so accustomed to noticing when a grain of rice has gone missing but its such a good feeling knowing you dont have to care about it anymore. So make sure you snap out of this habit asap when you live together. Another thing you may need to share is things like hot water (dont be greedy and use it all), share the tv (your boyfriend shouldnt have to watch Pretty Little Liars all night and you shouldnt have to watch the football) - very stereotypical i know! Also... share chores! This one is crucial because you cant live in a scruffy house.. if theres a particular chore you dont really mind doing then do that and then your other half can do one they dont mind.. then just split the ones you both dislike. Honestly 2 pairs of hands is better than one so instead of expecting the other to do it, just work together and get them done faster!! 

4. Be patient and tolerant of eachother. Remember getting to know someone when you live with them is completely different to just meeting up. Getting to know someones bad habits is one of the worst things about moving in with someone. Its sometimes so hard to deal with some of the things other people might find normal to do. Like for boys it might be that leaving the toilet seat up is normal, or that leaving the brown inner of the toilet roll on the toilet roll holder is ok & not getting a new one out is fine (ITS NOT). For girls it might be that we leave our hair grips & bobbles lying around, get make up and fake tan all over towels, leave shampoo and conditioner bottles in the bottom of the shower! OR there might be general things such as leaving coffee in the bottom of a cup, dumping plates in an empty sink, not putting dirty laundry in the washing basket etc. You just need to remember to be patient with eachother because otherwise you will just get frustrated over nothing, you will both eventually learn to respect what eachother do and dont like and eventually these things really wont other you anymore or they wont even happen!

5. Make your home is individual to you both & dont make it too girly/manly. Another really important thing when you both in together is that you respect that previously you probablies had your own bedroom filled with your own things. For me my bedroom at home was filled with girly flowers and ornaments and millions of photos of me and my friends or family.. so when i moved in with simon i had to respect that he wouldnt want to live in a space filled with pink and flowers etc, therefore most of my bits have actually been put away. We have now compromised with our space and agreed that its okay to have candles, photos, cute little quotes and hanging decorations as long as he can have his stereo, computer, books & ornamental aeroplanes everywhere (perks of a boyfriend who does aerospace engineering). Also we decided that we would completely start over with photos and decided together which photos we wanted displayed around the house. 

I have completely made it seem as though living together is a complete chore but honestly it isnt! The main reason i decided to do this post is because if you can understand all of these little pieces of advice then it makes living together so much more enjoyable (more enjoyable than it already is) and you dont want to be having arguments!! Obviously if you have made that decision to move in with someone you must really love them so you dont want anything ruining it slightly!! Another quick positive tip is make the most of your time together at home, living with someone can truly make you develop as best friends so just enjoy it as much as you can! There really is nothing better than living with someone who you enjoy coming home to and chatting with!! 
I really hope that this post has been of some help and inspirational to any of you thinking about or just about to move in with someone!! If you have any more helpful tips or pieces of advice dont hesitate to comment them below or share on my instagram post related to this! 

Lots of love


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  1. This is a great post - it's so true! Compromising is the key to be able to live with another person. xx


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