Monday, 2 March 2015

Spectrum Collection Brushes

Okay so today i thought i would do a little review of these amazing spectrum brushes i purchased a couple of weeks ago! So, in the last few weeks i have become completely obsessed with all things make up and one thing which i just could not get the knack of doing was my eyeshadow. I thought maybe it was because i was just plain rubbish at it, but actually it was because the brushes i was using were pretty pants! I heard good things about these brushes and i just found them even more irresistable because of the amazing colour & the price!! I decided to purchase 3 brushes so i will explain to you how ive found using each one. 

- The middle brush in the above photo is called the 'oval concealer' brush and cost a fabulous £4.99! I use this brush every single time i put on my concealer and im in love with it, it works the product into the skin amazingly and i will never look back after using it! At the amazingggg price of £4.99 you really cannot go wrong too! I bought a beauty blender for concealer a while ago and i loved using it, but this brush has truly converted me and now i never use it! Check out this brush if you need a new concealer brush, its amazing :

- The brush on the right in the above photo is the 'fluffy pencil' brush and yet again this one has transformed my ability to do eyeshadow! I actually cannot believe how much of a lifesaver this brush has been for blending product into the crease of the eyelid. I think the shape of it just allows for such perfect definition and i honestly dont think i would ever use a different eyeshadow brush now, this one is just amazing! Again, at an amazing price of £3.99 you cant go wrong at all! RECOMMEND THIS BRUSH 110%. check out the photographs below to see the eyeshadow definition i have been able to create using this brush. Its actually making me enjoy doing my eyeshadow so much more, now i know it doesnt look like a child painted my face anymore haha! 

- The brush on the left is called the 'stubby shader' which i personally love because also its super small and doesnt allow for much product to attach to it, its perfect for using underneath the eye to create an eyeliner look. I am completely transforming my make up style at the moment and going from using LOADS of eyeliner to using much more eyeshadow and experimenting a little bit with different colours. One thing i am loving doing which involves this brush is creating a line of eyeshadow underneath the eye which blends into the point of the eyeshadow at the top. See the photos below to see what i mean! Yet again this brush is an amazing £3.99 and its super worth it if you want to experiment like i have been doing!!

I am 110% going to buy myself some more of these brushes.. you really cannot go wrong at the amazing price. Thankyou very much spectrum for transforming my ability to do my make up! and also making my brush collection SO BEAUTIFUL, these brushes are so girly and dreamy that we all need them :)! 

visit their full website guys: 
& please check out my photos below too!! 

Lots of love, 


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