Wednesday, 11 March 2015

My Lipstick Collection


Today I decided to do a little post all about one of my favourite things - Lipstick! I am pretty obsessed with lipsticks if you didnt already realise that haha! So I have decided to make a post all about my collection, telling you which lipsticks i have got and then at the bottom of this post is a photograph of my 5 favourites and a little explanation as to why. So basically collecting lipsticks is a little hobby of mine, i spend far too much of my wage on buying them but its something i really enjoy collecting so it really doesnt bother me! Continue to read if you want to know the brands & names of each of the lipsticks so that you can go and buy them yourselves if you like them :) 

- Rimmel: 264 Coffee Shimmer
- Rimmel: 006 Pink Blush
- Rimmel: 206 Nude Pink
- Rimmel: 'Kate' 20
- Rimmel: 'Kate' 110
- Rimmel: 'Kate' 107
- Maybelline color sensational: 728 Honey Beige
- Maybelline color sensational: 842 Rosewood Pearl
- Maybelline color sensational: 906 Hot Plum 
- Maybelline color sensational: 912 Electric Orange
- Maybelline color sensational: 148 Summer Pink
- Maybelline color sensational: 547 Pleasure me Red
- Mac: Matte Velvet Teddy
- Mac: Matte Lady Danger
- Mac: Frost CB96
- Mac: Lady Gaga A02
- Mac: Frost Gel 
- Mac: London Life
- Mac - Sheen Supreme A92
- Chanel: Rouge coco shine 92 emotion 
- Chanel: Rouge Coco 39 Paradis
- Chanel: Rouge Allure Velvet 50 La Romanesque 
- Topshop: Ohh la la 
Topshop: Straight Ace


Okay so above ive put together the photo of my favourite lipsticks as promised. From left to right my favourite are: 
1. Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet 50 La Romanesque - this one is one of my favourites because its a beautiful matte pink colour. The colour of this literally stays on for hours and even though its a matte lipstick it is quite moisturising and doesnt dry your lips out at all like most mattes. Its also Chanel, and which girl doesnt love a chanel lippy! 
2. Mac Velvet Teddy - At the moment this one is my ULTIMATE favourite lippy, yes it dries your lips out unreal amounts but its also the best lipstick ever! Nude lips are so in right now (thanks Kylie Jenner) and i swear this lipstick is just the best to create the perfect nude! I couldnt recommend this product enough, love love love it! 
3. Rimmel London Kate Moss 107 - This one is actually quite a recent purchase of mine but i really do love it! I have been on the hunt for a dark red lipstick for a while and when i saw this one on one of zoellas videos i just had to purchase it! Super affordable & just a beautiful colour! I could not recommend this enough, the only downfall is that it doesnt last a huge amount of time on the lips and you do no need to keep applying it throughout the day otherwise it goes patchy. It doesnt claim to be longwearing though so its what you expect from a red. 
4. Rimmel London Nude Pink - This one is a veryyy new purchase. Literally only bought it a week ago but i really do love it & im obsessed with it already! Its the most gorgeous glossy light pink and i just love it. Especially for the transition between winter and spring! Also super affordable too so you really cannot complain! 
5. Chanel Rouge coco shine 92 emotion - This is my favourite purple lippy! Amazing coverage and very long lasting which is exactly what you want from a dark lippy! I have worn this one so many times & its been perfect for the winter months! I love a purple lip and this one creates a beautiful sheen finish! 

If anyone has any questions about any of the other lipsticks i have because you're thinking of buying then dont hesitate to message me on here or instgram 'whatlaurenlovess' or send me an email :


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