Thursday, 5 March 2015

March Skincare Favourites

Okay Guys Today i bring to you a post all about skincare .. which is one of my favourite things at the moment.. I am obsessed with buying skincare products, talking about my skin & applying products to make my skin feel as good as possible! 
Below are my favourite products at the moment.. and believe me, if they made it to my blog then i must swear by them! I have had so much trouble with my skin over the years for various reasons.. acne, stretch marks, dryness, oilyness.. you name it i've had it. So when i actually find a product which works i just want to share it with everyone! 
Keep reading if you want to see which skincare products are my holy grail... 
St. Ives Blemish Fighting Scrub - Ok, there are many reasons why this product has made it to my favourites.. but the main being it is simply amazing & actually works! I use this scrub at least once a day and actually love using it. What i like so much about this is just how abrasive it is.. its so thorough at cleansing the skin because it just gets deep into your pores and washes them out! Ive got such awkward skin on my face, its always too oily or too dry.. and this just makes the balance perfect. It doesnt dry my face out and also take loads of the oil away! I've tried so many facial cleansers, including high end ones and this one just works a million times better. For the £5.00 it costs, this is more than worth it. Repurchaseee. 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - When i first saw this.. i really did not see the point. I literally just thought it was a bottle of water and just couldnt understand the hype. Anyway, i spotted it on sale in Tesco and thought id see what the fuss is about.. I use it after ive taken my make up off.. just as an extra cleanse and i can honestly say i love it! It kind of makes sense why in the past ive had so many spots because ive only been washing my face once with a make up wipe. Now however, i use this and my skin just feels so much better! The proof it works is on the cotton wool pad after ive finished using it, Groce. 

Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose - At night and at work wearing a really good and nourishing lip butter is crucial. There is literally nothing worse than chapped and sore lips, and its even worse being a girl because then your lipstick looks super crap! This one is not only super nourishing but also smells amazing and has a subtle pink tinge of colour which i really like in a lip balm! I love using this one & its super affordable too! 
 I will be doing regular posts about skincare.. hopefully every couple of months as the seasons change because your skin requires different kinds of products when the weather is different! Let me know in the comments if you have bought yourself any of these products or recommend any for me to try! Dont forget to follow me on all social media guys! 

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