Monday, 9 March 2015

Just Some Lush Goodies

Hello Everybody & a very happy Monday to you all! How Fast did the weekend go?! I was lucky enough to have a little trip to Manchester this weekend and really did have the best couple of days! Its my Favourite city in the UK! So today Ive got a little 'Lush' post for you all.. Ive never posted anything about lush but i reallyyyy do love their products and as i was having a little spree yesterday in Manchester i thought i would do a little haul post for you all. So below are just a few of the products i picked up and they are all sooo amazing. Keep on reading below to see which ones i chose :)

Pearl Massage Bar - This was literally the first thing i spotted when i walked into Lush yesterday! Oh my days it is the most beautiful smelling product ever!! Everytime i get it out of its little packet i just want to smell it constantly! This massage bar is made of argan oil, rose oil and absolute and omg the smell is TO DIE FOR! I cant wait to start using this.. what you do with it is basically glide directly over your body or melt in your hands and massage into your skin! I cant wait to use this knowing my skin is going to smell this divine! Im obsessed! Also, how nice does it look.. so pink and girly and aw i just love it! 100% recommend going and getting this if you go into lush soon!

The Comforter Bubble Bar Slice - I have used the Lush bubble bars before and this one is literally 'lush'. Personally i think this one smells like Refresher sweeties - the little fizzy sherbert sweeties we used to get when we were little! Basically what you are supposed to with these if you dont already know is crumble under the hot running tap and it will create lots of colourful bubbles! I am excited to use this one as im not a huge bath lover unless it involves using nice products - otherwise showers are just so much better! I just love this one its sooo pretty to look at and smells insane! 
Sakura Bath Bomb - I spotted this bath bomb on the stand and was instantly drawn to it! Look at the amazing speckled pattern on the outside! I think (i could be wrong) but i think that the pink and green rocks in the middle is bath salt/crystals? which i love also!! I think this one smells like.. just your typical sweet bath bomb but its soooo nice! Im sure you are all fully aware of how bath bombs work so yeahh :)
Golden Egg Bath Bomb - wow, how amazing is this bath bomb!! I think this one is part of the easter collection, hence the fact its an egg! This one is made of honey and toffee and absolutely covered in gold glitter! Now, if you have followed me on instagram for a while then you may be aware that i am obsessed with glitter and sparkles.. so this to me is just perfect! I cant wait to use this one and step out of the bath covered in glitter!! As you can see from the photo above, my fingers were literally covered in glitter from just touching it.. imagine what my body will be like after actually using it, eek!

Hope you have all enjoyed reading about my brand new lush products and mini haul! Im so so excited to use every single one of these, and to be honest they are the only reason i actually like having a bath otherwise the shower just seems so much more appealling! The product i would particularly recommend is the pearl massage bar.. purely for the smell.. omg its literally to die for & i havent even used it yet (i think il love it more after that).  

Get yourselves over to their website guys!! They do have one if you dont have a shop near you... 


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