Monday, 5 January 2015

What I got for Christmas..

Im a little bit delayed with the christmas related post but here goes... 
Firstly, I got this amazing scarf from my mum.. not only is it a gorgeous material but it has my all day favourite thing on it.. SAUSAGE DOGS! Im head over heels obsessed with sausage dogs so when i opened this present i was sooo happy! I think this was from a random little shop as it has no specific tags on it :) Im sure you would be able to find something similar anywhere though if you like it! 

I got this beautiful smelling body shimmer off my Aunty as just a little gift on the side and i love it! It smells beautiful too, almost like a buttery vanilla scent which is lovely and gentle! Not only does it smell beautiful but with every squeeze of the applicator you get a puff of glitter. Anyone who knows me will know i am obsessed with glitter and anything shimmery or sparkly, so for me this is just perfect! I am obsessed already! (Links for all items will be at the bottom of this post!)

Again if anyone knows me.. 2 things i am obsessed over is velvet & navy blue. So when my brother took me shopping for my christmas presents this year i just saw this gorgeous dress and knew that it needed to be mine! Im sure i will do a blog post about this dress at some point so keep your eyes peeled. It honestly is so beautiful and very well suited to the season and weather. 

Okay so just because i am a huge softy and disney lover .. heres another one of my favourite christmas presents from my brother James. Its the limited edition Minnie Mouse 2014!! Im in love with anything disney and just love Minnie! This teddy cheers me up so much!

So for christmas one of the things i asked for was some new make up brushes.. This was because the ones i was using before kept breaking and were looking a little worse for wear. I was super pleased when i opened this present on christmas day! These brushes are so soft and i cant wait to start using them! I have heard such good things about body shop make up brushes so when i have used them for a little while i will pop up a post reviewing them :).
Ahh one of my favourite things!! I mentioned to my mum that my GHDS were making some strange noises and not heating up when i switched them on, and i also told her i'd buy them for myself once christmas was over! So when i opened these on christmas morning i couldnt have been happier because i really didnt think i was getting them!! I love new GHDS .. and im super sad that the ones i already have are on the way out.. but im super excited to start using my brand new ones! GHDs just work wonders on hair like mine which is frizzy and uncontrollable!

As always.. my boyfriend did good! I did choose these presents myself but when he agreed to get me them for christmas i couldnt have been more shocked as he hates me going on about make up haha! I got this beautiful frost mac Lipstick in the shade CB 96. If you read my blog regularly you will know that i am obsessed with lipsticks and find that a face full of make up is complete with some lip colour! So because of this i seem to have almost every colour imaginable.. but when i spotted this colour frost orange shade i knew it needed to be an addition to my collection! 
Also.. i got the Benefit Browzings eyebrow pallette and OH MY GOD, i am obsessed.. this works wonders on my usually pathetic brows! I got this in 'light' as naturally i do have quite light eyebrows! Im pretty sure this will be mentioned a lot in future posts as i know its something to rave about! 

Okay so im in love with this beautiful necklace!! I received this off my boyfriends parents and i couldnt be more grateful! I dont often wear nice necklaces, instead i usually wear statement jewellery but this is honestly everything id want in a necklace! This is from Fossil and is also rose gold. Usually the issue with necklaces is that they have a very fine chain and you need to be careful not to break them but this one has a bit more of a chunky chain so therefore less likely to get broken! Its got a beautiful pearl section and a flower with a small diamond in the middle to add a layer effect! Im in love honestly & did not take this off over the christmas period! 

AND got the matching earrings too! So beautiful & again these were off the in-laws! Im in loveeee!

Last but definitely not least i got this beautiful 30ml Nina Ricci Perfume. This scent is so beautiful and from previously having it before and using it all i was so happy when i opened it and saw another bottle sitting infront of me! Thankyou Liam :) 

I am super grateful for all of my presents i got for christmas this year.. I havent posted everything but just a select few of my favourites! Keep your eyes peeled for any future reviews or posts which include other bits i got for christmas!! 


River Island Velvet Dress: - sold out but look for something similar to this online. 
Minnie Mouse Limited Edition 2014 teddy : - Limited edition no longer available but check this link for other minnie merchandise
Body Shop Brush Collecion : - Sets available in store.. but seperate brushes available at the link above. 
Benefit Browzings Eyebrow Pallette :


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