Friday, 2 January 2015

Goodbye 2014...

Happy New Year everyone!! Hope you all had so much fun celebrating new year.. unfortunately for me i was doing a night shift on new years.. so this year was spent a little differently than usual! So i thought i would do a little post to sum up my year and tell you all my new years resolutions (which i do intend on sticking to). 

Okay so when this new year started i knew that it was going to be a good year! I knew this and it definitely happened. So the first few months of the year were mainly focused on me finishing my degree and it was super exciting because finally there was an end point to the not-so-enjoyable 3 years! I was also super exciting because i knew that after years of wanting to live with Simon, it would finally be happening! 

So in April me and a huge bunch of my best friends took a trip to amsterdam which was absolutely amazing (100% recommend). Following this i was on my final placement in intensive care which honestly gave me so much inspiration for my future and the career path i want to pursue! Although i am working in medicine right now I really aspire to work in intensive care at some point in my career! 

So in July i finished my final placement In Newcastle and just a couple of days after celebrated by flying out to Spain with my family for a week! When i got back it was time to make the big move to Cardiff, although i had already moved all of my stuff down there.. i moved myself permanently at the beginning of august! This move was super scary and emotional but i knew that the exciting part was just about to begin, with the one person i wanted to be with! 

In September i started my new job as a staff nurse on an acute medical ward and graduated in December! This is what i knew this year would be amazing for.. i was super proud to graduate with a 2:1 from University in something which i am so passionate about! I am definitely settling in to my new job and starting to feel like i am quite good at what i do and definitely get a rewarding feeling from doing it! 

I have learnt a lot of life lessons this year and stemmed a few of my resolutions from these. I have learnt not to be so bothered by other peoples actions and not wind myself up about situations.. i started to do this a little while ago and its already been working so im going to stick to it! 

A lot has happened at the back end of this year.. and im all for the saying 'If we arent on good terms by the end of 2014, you aren't joining me in 2015'. This has definitely happened and so much has changed that is irreparable and theres no going back to how things used to be. So.. onwards and upwards without certain people being involved in my life! 

Hope you all have made some good new years resolutions! I would love to hear what they are :)



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