Friday, 2 January 2015

December Favourites

Cath Kidston Earrings : In love with these cute little studs for the christmas season. I decided to get some of these this year as now I have a full time Nursing job i am not allowed to wear nail varnish and normally i would have sparkly christmas nails by now. So i decided i needed something christmassy to be able to wear on a daily basis. These studs were only £6.00 which i think is good value because I know i will definitely be wearing these a lot this season :). 

Yankee Candles : I have been all for the christmas candles this winter especially these little yankee ones! The burn time on these is 15 Hours and they smell amazing. I have had some amazing scents and just love my house smelling beautiful at christmas! These ones are only £1 from asda as well which i think is amazing considering the burn time!! Get yourselves to asda or anywhere else which sells these tealights for an amazing price. Also these would be lovely stocking fillers for anyone who is a huge candle fan! 

Okayy so i spent a lot of time this christmas finding gifts for my little cousins and brother in the Disney Store and obviously i just had to treat myself to a little frozen mug! I am tea and hot drink obsessed so i just love buying cute mugs to make me enjoy my tea even more! I think this one was approximately £7 but i think that this little frozen number is worth the money!!

Okay so i got these a little while ago but only just got roumd to blogging about them! These are my number little topshop beauties! I think they look quite christmassy actually because of their pom poms and the velvet material of the shoe! I never normally buy topshop ballet pumps because i normally find them a little pricey for something which i could find for a third of the price elsewhere. BUT i saw these cute little things and i just knew that despite the price they just needed to be mine! 

Obviously pre-christmas i did not want to buy myself too many treats incase i got them for christmas but above is just a select few of my favourite things!! You should definitely have a little look in the sales and see if you can grab yourself any of these products for a little cheaper than i paid! 



  1. ahhh love them all , I love yankee and Frozen is just the best ever hehe. Hope you had a lovely Xmas and New year. xox

    1. Ahh thankyou lovely :) Yankee and frozen are the best and just sooo relatable to christmas and december! I did thankyou :) hope you did too! xx


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