Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New year, new hobby..

Hi everyone! Happy New Year, sorry for the lack of blogging recently! I have been super busy enjoying the festivities and making every moment count while i was off work! I cant believe its a matter of hours until 2015, super scary! I hope you all had a lovely christmas as well! 
Okay so this blogpost is just a little update really about what i would like to come of 2015.. I am super excited and keen to properly start a YouTube channel. I had a little attempt at doing a few videos in the Autumn but now I have decided that in the new year i really want to give it a good go and stick at it! I really really enjoying my blogging and this will definitely continue but i also love just messing around editing videos and hoping that they might actually be decent (hopefully) hehe. I do currently have a YouTube Channel but i wont reveal it yet as its under a little bit of maintenance ready for me to get it up and running. 
Some of you may question why i would want to be starting a youtube now at the age of 22 and with a full time job but honestly its something i have always fancied giving a little go and im just excited to have a little hobby and something to really stick at. 
I really want to make my 'thing' about a variety of things.. i love chatting and giving people advice and i just hope i can aim my videos at a variety of different people. We shall see haha :) 
anyway.. just keep your eyes peeled for me revealing the name so you can all go and check it out.. ALSO  would love it if anyone who has already started a youtube has got any little tips for me or anyone would like to see any videos in particular!! 

All the best for 2015 and see you all in the new year :)


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