Saturday, 20 December 2014

James visits Cardiff...

Hey guys.. sorry for the lack of blogging in the last week or so, ive been very busy! My brother James visited cardiff this past week and i honestly had the best few days. We honestly had the most jam-packed few days with things to do each day! I decided to write a little post about the few days just to explain what we got upto around Cardiff for the few days he was here...
Day 1: We decided to go for a few drinks along Mill Lane and Cardiff and had a lush meal at Ask Italian. Ive never been to Ask Italian before but the one on Mill Lane was so quirky and nice and the food and drinks were also amazing! If you are looking for somewhere nice to eat in cardiff i would definitely recommend ask italian.. whether its with friends or family or even as a little romantic meal as a couple it is such a lovely atmosphere and really nice! We went for some cocktails in Revolution De Cuba afterwards and again, that was super lovely! The cocktails in there are a little bit pricey but i would say they are worth it! Definitely worth a visit. 
Day 2: shopping in the St Davids centre.. spent a small fortune on christmas presents and a few winter buys (look for my upcoming blog posts). 
Day 3: Unfortunatley i had to work!! so there was no fun for me this day except every night that James was here we had movie nights (hence the onesie selfie).
Day 4: More shopping and also wagamamas!! The photos above are from our little meal.. i have been to wagamamas in years and i was so excited to go with my brother (as i cant go with my boyfriend as he has a nut allergy.. annoyinggg haha!). So i decided to have the Chicken Katsu curry and my brother had the Teriyaki soba .. and although mine was amazing, i so regretted not getting the noodle dish which james had.. it was beautiful! Also i got the coconut ice cream with passion fruit sauce for pudding which was the best thing ever!! I have been craving it since, hehee! The good thing about wagamamas also is that they offer free green tea, i love green tea too but this one was particularly nice! If you look above at the photos.. my brother is showing a rather disgusting looking drink on a straw.. HOWEVER.. i have to add that this drink was the best thing ive ever tasted! It was called super green juice and i would 100% recommend that everyone who goes to wagas gives it a go! 
Day 5: Drinks and food.. followed by nandos and cinema! Literally cannot beat a nandos.. and then to top off another brilliant day we went to watch the Hunger Games!! It was amazing, and definitely did not disappoint. Make sure you give the films a watch and then go and see the 3rd one! A must see! 
Day 6: Home time for James unfortunately. Im very lucky to have a brother who i am super close to and would also consider to be one of my best friends. 

I would definitely just like to say that if you are reading this and havent tried out some of the places or seen hunger games etc.. give them a go :)

Much Love

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