Wednesday, 3 December 2014


So here I am blogging from 28,000 feet in the sky whilst flying back to Cardiff. Had the loveliest weekend at home which was absolutely jam packed full, I literally feel like I haven't even had a spare moment. On Monday (1st December) I finally graduated from Northumbria University which felt super surreal but I'm so proud of myself as I never thought that the moment would ever have arrived. It's been the best but longest 3 years of my life and I can't quite believe that I've got myself a degree in nursing, pretty scary! The speech which the chancellor of the university made at the end of the ceremony was so heart felt and dedicated to nurses that it made it all the more special. Nurses really do not get as much recognition for the good things we do as we should. 
Pretty sad to be flying back, I have to admit. I love spending time with my family in my home town and it feels so much more of a novelty now I only get to do it every so often! I really am super grateful for my family and how supportive they have been whilst I have been doing my degree which is why I felt slightly emotional yesterday realising that the only reason I was probablies sitting in the room at that moment was because of their amazing support! All 4 of the right people were there to witness me graduate .. My mum, Gary, james and Simon and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way! I guess this is also a little opportunity for me to say a huge thankyou to them all as I couldn't have done it without them! 
Quite scary knowing now that I am a graduate and wondering what the next step is after this .. Obviously I've got my nursing job but who knows where the wind will blow me in the future and what I will get up to! 
Hope you all who are doing degrees at the moment and have graduations coming up enjoy your day as much as I did and it's an opportunity for you to show your appreciation to all of those who have supported you as well!! Hope you have all enjoyed looking at my photographs too! It was a super proud and amazing day filled with lots of special memories 

dress: Michelle Keegan from Lipsy London
Shoes: New Look
Bag: River Island 


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  1. wow Northumbria uni is quite close to me hah.
    WELL DONE . Love the pictures xox


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