Friday, 5 December 2014

A little bit about me

So i thought that since i have been posting a lot more recently and have hit 3000 views (wow, i cant believe so many people have actually made the decision to read what i write), that i would write a little 'about me' blogpost by answering some ready made questions. Here goes :)... 

1. A little bit about yourself:
Basically my full name is Lauren May Thwaites and im 22! I am a north east girl from a little town called Barnard Castle which is in the middle of nowhere in County Durham. I currently live in Cardiff with my boyfriend Simon. I have 3 brothers (James, jake and matthew) who are all younger than me. If you read my blog posts regularly then you will know i love my animals.. i have a dog (Tyke), 1 cat (Bertie) and 3 Guinea Pigs (Ronaldo, Fernando and George). 

2. What made you start blogging: 
The main reason behind me starting blogging is because over the summer this year i just found myself twiddling my thumbs with not much to do, and as i love being creative and writing about various different bits and pieces .. i just decided it would be a good idea to start blogging and sharing my thoughts with people. I am also a serious lover of taking photographs, so i just felt like this was a good opportunity for me to share my photos with more people instead of just my facebook friends. 

3. Where are your 3 favourite places to shop:
Hmm.. if i include online shopping as well as going to the shops then i would probablies say that Miss Guided is my favourite shop, followed by Topshop and River Island. I obviously do love items from other places but i particularly like shopping in these places because they are cheap and affordable but also because the bits that i seem to like in these shops are really nice and good quality. 

4. What are your three favourite designers: 
Well to be perfectly honest as much as id love to own lots of high end designer pieces.. my budget does not stretch that far so im going to be really typical and say i love Michael Kors.. particularly because i have a watch and bag and i love them both, i feel super lucky to own them although now everyone and their dog seems to have a bag so its not exactly original anymore. Secondly, although i obviously dont own any clothes of this brand i would definitely say i love chanel, i own lots of make up of theirs and feel slightly privelidged to own it and take care of them so much! Thirdly although i have never been to a shop or whatnot which sells this brand i alwaaaays see celebrities on instagram wearing their pieces and i have to say i love Balmain, i just think their items are lovely and all have an edgy feel and i think they all have a very similar theme which i like too.

5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be:
Hard one but i really dont know, in an ideal world with endless money probablies somewhere like LA but obviously i dont live a very flash life haha!

6. What is your favourite fashion magazine: 
im not a hugeee fashion magazine reader but i do read elle every now and then and i quite like it :) 

7. Who are your three favourite bloggers:
Easy.. my favourite is zoella
then i would probablies say its Sarah Ashcroft
and last but definitely not least
i love all of these girls blogs because they all offer a different read.. i love zoellas because her blog posts make you think about things or they give advice and also her youtube videos make me laugh. Secondly i love Sarah Ashcroft's because she gives such amazing outfit inspiration and everytime i read her posts i get ideas for bits i can buy or outfits to piece together. I just love Mollie Bylett's because i love reading about things which are a little bit different, like her travelling adventures and various other bits. 

8. What is your favourite perfume: 
Chanel Coco mademoiselle - easy!!

9. What pair of shoes and bag could you not live without:
At the moment i am completely obsessed with my knee high boots from River Island, i wear them everyday wthout fail and i just think that they are so practical for winter! Bag wise, definitely my purple michael kors tote bag, love it.. and i am still so obsessed with the amazing colour of it.. adds a brilliant colour pop to any outfit. 

10. Where is your favourite place to eat out:
Definitely Las Iguanas, at the moment i am completely obsessed with the place. Amazing food, drinks and atmosphere!

11. What are your current fashion obsessions this season:
Definitely Roll necks and knee length boots.. also anything fur! I am obsessed. 

12. What can we expect from your blog:
A bit of everything really, i dont like to stick to one topic so if you read my blog posts they will be completely random.. about fashion, beauty, products, shopping, animals, homeware, seasons.. everything and anything. I just love writing about what im doing or feeling and giving people a little advise or insight into things.. :)

Just another little thankyou to everyone who reads my blog, cant believe ive hit 3000 views.. to some this may not be a big achievement but i am super pleased and so grateful! Hope you all continue to keep reading my posts as i love spending my spare time writing them for you and planning the next ones!!



  1. Missguided is great for online shopping! I live in a small town in lancashire its not great id love to live in a big city x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  2. I am from County Durham tooooo . hehe
    I also love Zoella , she is amazing
    What a lovely little post love getting to know more about people behind the Blogs I follow xox


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