Thursday, 11 December 2014

Protein World - Slender Blend

Hey everyone. So yet again here I am with a completely different kind of post. This time I'm going to do a little review all about the 'protein world - slender blend' which I have now been using for 5 weeks. I decided to purchase the slender blend products after reading some reviews which said how good it was for weight loss and how quickly you can see results from using it. I purchased the chocolate flavoured protein powder and used it as a meal replacement everyday for the last few weeks (obviously with a few cheat days here and there) as well as eating healthy and staying away from any junk food which I was eating before. Although you are supposed to use this product alongside exercising regularly I actually have not been doing this. Mainly because I have found that eating well and using meal replacements has been good enough for me as I work 12 and a half hour shifts in which I am constantly running around.. And I find that this helps to shift any extra weight. Before starting the slender blend I bought myself a dress for my graduation which was only available in size 8 and normally in slim fitting dresses I am a comfy size 10 so I knew that if I wanted to look half decent for my graduation then I needed to budge a few pounds. Also I knew that I had to get my body out into a bikini so something needed to be done and I needed to find something to stick to. Now I am very aware that I am not the largest of girls but we are all unhappy with our bodies in one way or another.. So now I just feel a lot more confident about my body and can 100% notice a difference. When I wore my graduation dress it fit perfectly and I have noticed a huge difference in some of the jeans I bought a couple of months back. 
I also purchased the fat melters which are some tablets also in the slender blend package and tried these out for 1 day. On that day I really didn't feel like my body agreed with the effects that they caused so decided to not use them anymore and just continue with the shakes. Before starting the slender blend milkshakes I was a size 10 on the bottom and an 8 on the top weighing 9 and a half stone. Now 5 weeks on I have been able to it comfortably into a size 8 dress and weigh 8 and a half stone. I'm so pleased with slender blend and love using it and will continue to use it. Below I will include some photographs of a pair of jeans which I bought at the beginning of October and fitted comfortably and are now rather big on me. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a nice tasty way to lose weight, and I found it super easy to stick to as well. Definitely worth every penny spent and I can't wait to try out some new flavours! 



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