Sunday, 2 November 2014

Having a change

Happy Sunday everyone. So today I have decided to do a little bit of a different blog post .. Not about fashion or beauty products or anything but to update on a few changes that's I'm making. Basically I have recently decided to remove the instagram that I made at the start of August to begin my blogging, the reason I decided to make a separate instagram in the first place was because a lot of people used to moan at me for the amount of photos I used to upload on my personal one .. But tbh it's only because I just love taking photos so much. So since august I have been running 2 instagrams .. And have now decided that I am going to delete my 'blog' one which is 'laurennmayx' and continue to post on 'lthwaitesx'. If you follow me on this account then please feel free to follow my personal one as I will still be posting photos of fashion and other bits and the direct link to my blog will be on there! I absolutely love my blog and writing posts for you all to read.. So that will definitely not be coming to a stop! There is a few reasons behind why I have decided to delete my instagram .. But the main reason is because I don't believe in people creating a competition out of it and constantly believing that they are better than others. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of fabulous bloggers out there who work extremely hard and deserve all of followers/fame/mail that they get but I don't agree with people deliberately trying to put others done when they are doing something that they are also passionate about but may not have as big as a following for. I feel as though I have been a little bit targeted by this and that is why I have decided to kind of start a fresh and use my own personal instagram again. 
I absolutely love writing my blog posts and if I choose to write about something it's because I'm either passionate about it, want to share some advise about some thing, want others to enjoy my clothes and share information and tips about where to buy things etc.. It's not to put other people down or try to be better than anyone. 
I am so appreciative of how many views of my blog I've gotten so far, over 2000 is such an achievement and can't believe so many people have chose to click and read what I'm writing. Every single view, comment and follow is extremely appreciated! 
I would love it if you could all follow my personal instagram and twitter 'lthwaitesx' as I post regularly. 



  1. I am a new follower of yours. I am sad to hear that you felt like you needed to shut down your instragram I don't know whats really gone on only what you said but if you think it;s right for you then that's good but I hope you weren't pushed into it. I think it is important that we don't judge ourselves against other peoples Bloggs too. I'm glad you are keeping your Blogg though xox

    1. aww dont worry though i will still be posting things on my personal instgram and definitely still going with my blog!! Thankyou for following me though, im glad you enjoy reading my blog! :) xxx


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