Monday, 24 November 2014

Cardiff Christmas Market & Winter Wonderland.

Good Morning everyone, so today I have decided to do a little post about Cardiff Christmas Market and Winter Wonderland. I am a huge lover of christmas and christmas markets.. and consciously make the effort to go to one of the markets every year just for the atmosphere and of course the mulled wine! Last year i was lucky enough to go to Hyde Parks 'Winter Wonderland' which was amazing and unbeatable! But this year as its my first year living in Cardiff we decided to have a little look down to the Winter Wonderland that they have here! 
If you are a fan of christmas lights, cheesy singers singing along to michael buble, mulled wine, german sausages and funfair rides then you 100% need to get yourself to winter wonderland in Cardiff if it is within travelling distance.. if not then im pretty sure other christmas markets near yourselves will provide similar things! I dont think that Winter wonderland is purely an attraction for children, i actually think its so fun for all ages.. even just to stand and have drinks with your friends or family or other half just to get in the festive spirit.. and see all the kids get super excited. Its priceless really! Although if i could give a little bit of advice... make sure you go to the christmas markets or winter wonderland on an evening when its dark.. then you can really appreciate all of the beautiful lights and for some reason i just think it adds to the atmosphere a whole lot more! 
Above I have shared with you all a select few photopgraphs i took of cardiff city centre and winter wonderland just to give you all a little feel for what you can see if you have a wander through the city! Its so pretty and christmassy and theres such a nice atmosphere in the air, I just loveeee christmas! Another thing i love is that when people know they are going to a christmas market they get in all of their cosey clothes with their fur and knitwear.. bobble hats and big scarves and everyone just looks like they have really made some sort of effort.. almost like there is a specific dress code for a christmas market! I love it! If you have a look at my blog post from yesterday 'Purple Faux Fur' then you can see my outfit choice for yesterday.. and yes i did know that i was going to the market so i dressed specifically for it! 

Top tip to get you in the christmas mood if you dont feel festive yet... GET YOURSELF TO A CHRISTMAS MARKET! I promise you will love it.. and also make sure you sample Mulled Wine.. even just the once and let me know if you loved it! 

Enjoy :)


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  1. What lovely pictures, I wish there was some Christmas markets on around here already lol Love it and I love the food it always smells delish . xox


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