Monday, 24 November 2014

Another year goes by...

So Simon is always asking me when I am going to blog about him, so here it is.. not just about him obviously but i thought i would save a post about us for a special ooccasion So today marks yet another year of our relationship.. even though we have had more ups and downs than most couples we are stronger than ever and so happy! Today marks the 6th year of our relationship and even though we have about 300 different days where our relationship has started and stopped (oops), November 14th is the only one which is significant and actually matters! 
Nothing about our relationship has been easy whatsoever but we have truly come through it all better than ever and i wouldn't swap him for anything or anyone! I thought i would take this opportunity to share a few grim photos of us just to sum us up really. 
Simon really is my best friend ever, i honestly dont know where i would be without him.. each and everyday he makes me smile and were such similar people its scary! 
Over the years so many people have gotten themselves involved with us and speculated their opinions on everything and im so happy we've been able to turn around and prove everyone wrong! We are both finally at a place we want to be and living together which is something we have wanted for so long! There is a never a boring day now that we live together and im so excited for our relationship to progress and continue growing with eachother and living our life wherever it takes us! (Cardiff for now.. but who knows in the future).
Everyday we spend together is such a laugh and we have the same love for things like animals and food etc! Thankyou for always supporting me and reminding me everyday how much you love me!
I dont do this lovey dovey soppy malarkey often so its nice to do it once in a while :). 
Hope you all enjoy the photographs! Happy anniversary Slimeball.. love you more and more each day <3 




  1. Aw how sweet for you to share this on your Blog such a personal post.
    Happy anniversary to you . 6 years is amazing xox


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