Monday, 20 October 2014

Vintage style florals

Happy Monday everybody! So today I decided to style this cute little miso dress for the autumn season! This is one of my dresses which for some reason never seems to leave my wardrobe and the poor thing has only been worn twice! I actually think this little dress suits the autumn season more than any other.. Purely because of the colours! It looks super cute with some frilly socks and boots or tights and boots and a big coat! Dresses like this are the reason I started fashion blogging.. I've got so many pieces in my wardrobe which just don't see the light of day but blogging is the perfect excuse to show them off and style them how they deserve. This dress has such a cute little floral pattern on it which makes it have a look of vintage I think. I also think that the style of the neckline and the collar makes it looks vintage and reminds me of the vintage Ralph Lauren dresses I sometimes see in shops. I will be sellin this dress on my depop soon so keep your eyes open for it coming up :) . My depop is 'lthwaites' for those who haven't already seen it.. So give me a follow on there as I'm always selling items for cheap prices! 

Dress: miso
Coat: primark 
Boots: river island 
Socks: topshop


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