Saturday, 25 October 2014

The tartan shirt returns

Hey everyone. Blogging on a Saturday night, wow.. How things have changed! Normally I would have been out with Simon or my friends but today we've been out all day shopping and had some cocktails so now we're worn out! So this week was my first proper payday from my new job and I had my shifts swapped around which meant that I had today off so therefore it meant that we could go into cardiff and spend some money! I got soooo many bits and pieces for the upcoming autumn and winter seasons, I love everything. So today I've decided to blog the outfit choice I made for today and to show my appreciation for of my favourite pieces. 
So today I decided I would wear a dark outfit to match the season, and also because to be honest I just love wearing black. I decided to wear my blue chiffon tartan shirt which I am so in love with. I've had this shirt since this time last year and wearing it hasn't got boring at all. The colours are so pretty and it creates a different edge to the tartan look which I really like. This top was roughly around £30 so over the last year I'm so happy I've continued to love it and definitely got my money's worth. I love tartan and I'm so glad that it's still super on trend this season!
As I knew we would be going for drinks later today I thought I would wear my shiny leggings instead of just plain cotton ones. I love these leggings and yet again they are another item I've had since this time last year. You really cannot go wrong with black leggings with a bit of shine of texture.. They make any outfit look slightly more dressy plus they do look gorgeous and suit this season perfectly! It's 100% worth having some of these kind of leggings in your wardrobe everyone.. And they aren't expensive either! 
Today I also knew that lots of walking around the shops would be involved.. Therefore heels were not an option.. Which is the reason I decided to wear my new knee high boots. I got these beauties from my boyfriend for my birthday but only just started to wear them now the weather is a little cooler. I LOVE them and they are super comfy too. I had some knee highs a couple of years ago with zips with the back but unfortunately the zip broke so they had to be thrown away .. So when I got these I was soooo happy as I remembered how much I wore my old ones and how much I love them! These new ones don't have any zips so there's no chance of the same problems occurring. They are instead made of suade I with a stretch panel at the back to stretch over your calves. Honestly I love them and got a feeling they will be making an appearance a lot!! 
Hope you all have learnt some tips today from this outfit choice.. Tartan is amazing and everyone needs some in their wardrobe (whatever colour), black shiny leggings are a MUST have & to be careful when choosing knee highs as you will too be truly upset if you love them and they break like mine with zips did.. Be wise choosing them as you will no doubt wear them a lot :) 

Enjoy your autumn/winter wardrobes everyone.. I am loving the fashion this season!!

Shirt: river island 
Coat: primark 
Leggings: topshop
Boots: river island 
Necklace: miss selfridge 
Bag: michael kors 



  1. Love that shirt! I really need to pick up a few tartan shirts xxx

    Ami | perksofbeingami

    1. aw you should definitely get yourself some!! they are in loads of the shops at the moment too!! New look, river island and primark have lots! :)


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