Friday, 10 October 2014

Recycling my Mums clothes.

Afternoon everybody :)! So today is my first day off this week as ive been at work and on a course for the last 4 days! Today I have decided to blog this outfit because i wanted to show off this cute polka dot blouse which used to be my mums! I am so in love with polka dots .. of any colour/size/style etc, so when my mum gave me this lovely blouse i just knew i needed to blog it! Today I have decided to wear it with my black skort which is super versatile and to be honest i have missed wearing it since the weather got colder, therefore i decided today would be the day to get it back out again! I think this recycled hand me down blouse looks super cute with this skort and they make a perfect little pair! I decided to style it with my grey biker boots today as this adds an autumn edge to the outfit and makes it much more suitable for this weather! 
Also i wanted to show off this cute new clutch i recently just bought. I am in love with the metallic colour of this bag and think it will be super versatile to use with most oufits!! Make up wise, today i decided to wear my super bright purple lipstick. I havent worn it for a little while now and rummaging through my make up box earlier i spotted it and thought it would look fab with this outfit. I honestly think that the edgy colour of the lipstick and the metallic of the bag look super futuristic together (odd i know, but honestly i think they look super cool). I am a massive fan of bright lipstick, even in the winter months i think its a brilliant idea to brighten up any outfit with some lipstick if you just feel like wearing the darker colours!! 
The main tip i would like to get across from this blog post is that you really can find some fab pieces from your mums/aunties etc wardrobe and never be afraid to try and pair it with some random bits.. at the end of the day, the way you style something will be very different the way they have previously done it! So girlies, get rummaging in your parents wardrobes and see if theres anything you could temporarily borrow or they dont mind you having, you never know.. it may be a centre piece in a new outfit!! 

Top: Apricot
Skort: Topshop
Boots: New Look 
Bag: Next
Lipstick: Topshop



  1. That top is gorgeous love it! Your mum has good dress sense :D would love it if you could follow my blog and leave a comment beaut!

    1. aw thankyou lovely! do you have a bloglovin account? i will follow you now! My mum has pretty good style, i think i will be stealing some more of her bits hehe :) xx

  2. I love your shirt! I'm so into prints right now, I'm always stealing my mums old clothes as well. would really love if you could check out my fashion blog? :)


    1. Thankyou lovely! Yeah of course.. will check it out now :) xx

  3. Love this outfit! It really suits your style. My Mum has got some gorgeous stuff from Miss Selfridge and it's what she bought in the 80s! I've been finding some amazing stuff at Charity Shops recently. I love recycling clothes :)


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