Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Hairspiration || Lauren Conrad

Okay so today I have decided to show some appreciation towards Lauren Conrad. This blog has everything to do with her amazing hair which i am obsessed with. When i was younger I used to watch 'The Hills' and was always in awe with how beautiful her hair always looked. The way it was styled, cut and coloured was always perfect and i found some beautiful photos of her from her instgram and the internet which particularly show how dreamy her hair is! 
Almost a year ago i decided to dye my hair ombre and it was mainly because of photographs I had seen of Lauren with ombre hair! She has quite a high ombre in which the darker shade is quite high up her hair, which is exactly how i wanted mine as i didnt want too much of my blonde to be taken away from me! When i took the photographs in to my hairdresser she loved the style and when she did mine she absolutely nailed it and i fell in love with it instantly!! 
Another thing about Lauren Conrad's beautiful hair styles is that braids and curls are always involved which if you have read or seen from my previous posts or photos .. I am obsessed with both!! 
Lauren Conrad recently got married and it seems that following that she is revealing small snippets of some of the changes she has made on her instgram.. for example she posted recently a photograph of her hair being cut! I am so excited to see her beautiful hair and what she has decided to do with it next.. never know, it may inspire me to go shorter! Who knows :) 

Check out her blog and website and follow her instagram as her pictures are always amazing and super inspiring!


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