Sunday, 5 October 2014

Finally in my blues!

So todays 2nd blog post is all about my first week at my new job as a staff nurse, and my first week of being on the ward as a qualified nurse!! For some people this may not be very interesting but for any student nurses out there or other healthcare professionals it might be! 
I recently qualified with a 2:1 in adult nursing from Northumbria University in Newcastle, and then made the move to Cardiff to live with my boyfriend who also got a job down here at GE which is an aerospace company (Yes, he is a massive geek). I have been down in Cardiff since the beginning of August and from them until the start of last week (29th september) my days have been filled with doing pretty much nothing, so obviously as you can imagine.. i was super excited to start my job! 
Anyway, I started my job on Monday 29th september in an acute medical ward in one of the Cardiff Hospitals and it was absolutely terrifying! Stepping onto the ward in blues was easier than i thought it would be and i thought it would feel completely different but honestly it didnt. It was only until relatives, patients or doctors would come up to me asking me questions or giving me information that it would feel truly real! I have actually shocked myself with how much i do know from my three years as a student nurse and its filled me with a little more confidence that i am ready for this next step! 
Obviously as a student you didnt have much authority so i have never been used to delegating or asking anyone to do a job for me, so to me this wasnt something i would do now. HOWEVER, its strange when other members of staff come up to you and ask you what you want them to do next or whether they have done something right?! Thats the crazy part! 
I have already learnt a lot about myself in the first week and know exactly the kind of nurse i want to be, and also learnt the kind of nurse i do not want to be! I've learnt that instead of pushing jobs onto other people, i would prefer to do things for myself as i dont believe in bossing people around because i am now qualified. I know that i want to be an approachable, friendly, helpful and reassuring nurse, and i already feel like these qualities have shown in some of the care i have been providing to my patients this week but also in reflection from other situations!! 
I cannot wait to carry on learning so much more over the next few weeks as i settle in to my new job and im super excited to get stuck in show people the true nurse that i want to be!! This something i have wanted for as long as i can remember and i've worked so hard to get to where i am now! It is super exciting!! :) 

I will definitely be filling you all in on the progress of my job over the next few weeks!! :) Good luck to any new student nurses out there just starting, enjoy it but honestly it will FLY over and you will be qualified like me before you know it!! 


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