Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The selfie stick

I just had to do a blog post about the fabulous Selfie Stick!! Just really to encourage people to get yourselves one, and to say how handy & amazing it is! Especially for us bloggers when home alone and have nobody to do a photoshoot with us for our blogs!! 
I was lucky enough to get a selfie stick off one of my best friends for my birthday this year and was so happy & excited when i got it! Its something which i had seen quite a lot of over the summer and as i am a photo taking addict i just knew that i needed one! 
I had a day off work today and was having a play around with my selfie stick and the app when i realised that there are different effect you can play around with! On this blog post i have posted a few photos with different effects from the app and i think they are fab! Some of them are super flattering, and others are so fun! For example i love the effect 'sexy lips' as it changes the colours of your lips hair and eyes and i just think its brilliant! 
Also another brilliant thing about the app is that it has a stabilizer setting which is great for those who can never hold a camera very still and it allows the picture to focus brilliantly!
I would definitely recommend everyone to get yourself a selfie stick! I cant wait to take mine to the 'my bandage dress' blogger event and for some weekend breaks away that are coming up soon! Grab yourself one of these fab pieces of kit!! 100% worth it!!


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