Saturday, 27 September 2014

The place I call home.

Hi everyone! I have been super excited to write this blog post as its a little bit different and sharing something with you all which i love and appreciate so much, My home town! Although it obviously has a lot of downfalls (small town issues, small town minded people) it truly is such a beautiful place to live and now ive moved to Cardiff i now appreciate it so much more when i go home! I have spent the last 10 days back home with my family and have really made the most of taking my dog on long walks in the countryside! I decided to take some photographs of some of the beautiful scenery around where i live! 
Throughout my nurse training i lived in Newcastle which i also loved, but when i was on my clinical placement a lot of the patients would ask me where i was from and i would always tell them 'Oh just a little town in County Durham, Barnard Castle?' and they would always be so amazed and shocked that i lived somewhere like this as its such as nice place to visit and is so popular for tourists! Living away has truly made me realise its beauty and has made me miss it so much more! 
Having a dog is honestly the perfect opportunity to take yourself out for a walk and enjoy the peacefulness of the area. So on Wednesday i decided to take my dog for a long walk through the town centre and down to a stretch of grass and tree's along the river called the Desmesnes (Demains), on this walk you have the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air whilst seeing lots of wildlife, enjoying how peaceful the countryside is & sitting beside the river admiring how pretty it is no matter where you turn. 
If you are the kind of person who is interested in Museums, little coffee shops for afternoon tea, amazing little shops which sell shabby chic home accessories and endless countryside then honestly you need to visit Barnard Castle if you are in the area! 
I just wanted to write a small amount about my town and i hope those of you who have read it and enjoyed it will have the opportunity to pass through at some point! I would love to read all about it on your blogs if you do!! 
Hopefully i will be able to write some more posts about different places & things other than just fashion! My aim is to make my blog super versatile to interest a variety of different people! Hope you all enjoy it and i would appreciate any comments that you may have!! 


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