Monday, 22 September 2014

The Nursing Graduation Ball

Hiya everybody, sorry I haven't blogged for a little while.. I have been so busy as I've been at home (County Durham) for the last week and had something on pretty much every day. One of the things I have been upto while I've been home was my graduation ball on Saturday night! I have recently just qualified as a registered nurse after 3 years of extremely hard work, and this was the perfect opportunity for me and my girls to let our hairs down and celebrate the last 3 years! 
I haven't been to a ball since my 6th form leavers one just over 3 years ago, so I was really looking forward to getting dressed up in a fancy outfit and being all posh for the evening! For my ball I decided to wear this beautiful silk navy blue floor length dress, which when I saw it I fell in love with and knew that I had to have it! I really wanted to wear a floor length dress as I'd never worn anything like this for any of the balls I'd been to through school and thought it might be a little bit different. It came with a thin elasticated gold belt which I really liked so I decided that this would be used as my colour to style this dress with. I had such trouble finding the right size for this dress, my body is such an odd shape and I'm quite petite in my height, I ended up having to get a size 6 but I think I needed a size 4 to be honest as if I wanted to ever wear flats with this then I definitely couldn't! I am so gutted that this is the last time I will probablies wear this dress as I have serious issues with being repetitive with my clothes once I've worn them for something like this! But I've loved wearing it and got some amazing memories and photographs with some amazing people from the night!! Also this dress was a SUPER amazing price at only £55!! I may be selling this dress on at some point so please keep your eyes peeled for it appearing on my depop, 'lthwaites'. 
As I decided to wear the gold belt that this dress came with, I used a gorgeous gold glitter bag which is a clutch and a perfect size for carrying essential items for a night out and just so beautiful for using for an event like this! I wore simplistic gold jewellery which looked very elegant and pretty and were a treat from my boyfriend.. Which makes me love them even more. I didn't want to wear a massive chunky necklace with this dress as I didn't want to draw any attention away from it and didn't feel that it needed dressing up any more. 
The shoes that I bought for my ball were also a favourite of mine, they were an amazing little bargain at okay £22 with a discount code and I fell in love with them before they even arrived through the post!! They were quite simple black patent patterned leather with a small chunky heel but with gold straps around the ankle. Honestly they were so beautiful and comfortable and I'm still sooo in love with them! Cannot wait to wear these more!! 
I got my hair done for the ball at the hairdressers at the amazing price of only £15!!! My hairdressers are honestly the best and I would not even dream about going to anybody else for my hair done. I have such a hair fear and Ashley (my hair dresser) always knows exactly what i like and I'm always so pleased with it!! I decided to go for a curly style with a simple plait around the back which was secured and tucked in! I was so in love with it when she showed me the back and was super impressed that it stayed in until the next morning!! 
Hope you have all enjoyed reading about my graduation ball outfit and if you are attending a ball ora posh  event soon then treat yourself to your hair done definitely, and remember to only add simplistic jewellery to an outfit as sometimes it can be just TOO much. Look forward to reading everyone's blog posts about anything similar!! 

Dress: River Island 
Bag: Outfit 
Necklace: New Look
Earrings: Accessorize 
Bracelet: Fossil
Shoes: Public desire 
Lipstick: Chanel 


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