Saturday, 13 September 2014

Holiday Style Diary - Day Three 'That Leather Skirt'

As promised I decided to style my lush PU leather skirt whilst on holiday to show how this is a perfect summer piece! Honestly I have so much love for this item.. I never thought i would be the kind of person to weather leather but honestly i love it and its so easy to style! I particularly like wearing black with it as i think it looks classy and for me it dresses down the skirt a little bit! 
When i bought this skirt i also bought this little crop top with it and i planned to wear them together as an outfit! In my opinion i feel like leather is something which really stands out in itself and i wouldnt want to add a very fancy top, necklace or shoes to it as it may clash quite a lot.. therefore i wore this with a plain black crop top (which i love and find extremely flattering), and my dainty gold necklace with pearls.. and obviously because i was on holiday heels were definitely not an option so i chose my little white sandals which are my all time favourites! 
I absolutely love this style of skirt as well, the fit of it is perfect for me as its not too tight around my bum but also clings to the curves of my hips and allows the shape of my waist to be shown nicely. I have always had a bit of a battle with skirts because of my body shape but skirts like this are perfect for me and i would definitely recommend wearing them to anyone with a similar body shape to myself! 
Also.... PU Leather is a must have guys... i will definitely be on the hunt for some brown and black items in this material for the winter and autumn and have lots of outfit ideas in mind! I think from my memory this skirt was roughly £25 - which for leather is a steal, especially if you plan to wear it quite frequently! 

Top: River Island
Skirt: River Island 
Necklace: Miss Selfridge 
Sandals: River Island 
Lipstick: Maybelline


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