Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Holiday Style Diary - Day Seven 'Flower Power'

Feels like i have been forever updating my blog with holiday style diary posts but here is my final night time wear post! I saved my favourite dress until last! 
I bought this dress back in April for my boyfriends 21st birthday because it was the turn of spring to summer and i just thought this dress would be perfect to mark that summer was arriving. So all through the summer and on both of my holidays I have been lucky enough to go on this summer, i decided to show it off some more! Honestly this dress is my favourite and definitely the cutest one i currently own! For me the style is perfect because it is almost like a tee dress and is baggy in the places i like it to be! The material is lovely, its like a crepe and for holiday this was perfect as it was very light and didnt cling to my skin! The colours of it are beautiful, navy with white flowers & coral centres! Its perfect! This dress was the most perfect little find as well from the designer section of next, and im so pleased i decided to buy it.. even though there was no excuse really as it was only £25! 
I wore this beautiful piece with just a very simple pair of dangly earings, and apart from special occasions these are the only ones that i ever wear! They are gold and very small and have a beautiful pattern on them.. honestly i dont normally like dangly earrings but these are lovely and any excuse to wear them is good enough for me!! 
Again, i paired this dress with my tan sandals as they didnt take any of the shine away from this beautiful dress and also didnt make the outfit stand out anymore than it needed to! I am the kind of person that evaluates the place i will be going out in and understanding the appropriateness of an outfit .. therefore i decided that adding anymore pieces to this outfit would make it stand out too much and i didnt want that!
I am very gutted that this dress is now going to have to sit in my wardrobe for the next few months until spring starts to show its face again! 
ALSO, just to inform everyone...I am going back up North tomorrow to see my family for the next 10 days so today and tomorrow morning/afternoon i will be posting the last 2 of my blogposts for my holiday style diary which will both be featuring bikinis & daytime wear! So keep your eyes peeled for them and im very excited to start blogging about autumn outfits again very soon! 

Dress: Designer Section at Next 'Glamorous'
Earrings: Miss Selfridge
Sandals: Primark
Lipstick: Topshop


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