Monday, 15 September 2014

Holiday Style Diary - Day Five 'Tight and Bright'

Sorry for the lack of holiday diary, i didnt blog yesterday because it was my 22nd birthday and i was too busy! But im back today with my favourite holiday outfit!! I am so in love with this outfit particularly because of this amazing crop top! I Love the design of the actual top itself but also the pattern is stunning, and the colours are all my favourites! I am absolutely obsessed with purple.. it is 100% my favourite colour.. so for me wearing this outfit meant that it was the perfect excuse to wear purple lipstick (which is also definitely my favourite shade of lipstick).
I decided to wear this lovely crop top with a plain black skort. I searched high and low in the shops and online for a plain black one but over the beginning of the summer period they just seemed to be sold out everywhere.. so when i eventually found one i just knew that i needed to buy it! This skort will definitely be an item which can be re-used and i will be able to team it with alsorts of different tops over the autumn and winter (which i cant wait for). 
I decided not to wear a necklace with this top as the design was quite busy in itself and i didnt want to cause any distractions from this! From what i remember this top was a bargain at only £12! I have a feeling this will be an item i will continue to love for a long time!
I also wore my trusty little white sandals with this outfit as they are super comfy and go with the white within the pattern on my crop top! As you have noticed I have worn these little sandals a lot and unfortunately because of this I am having to part with them as they are now looking very worn and over-loved! Im gutted though :(. 
This is honestly my favourite outfit from holiday, just purely because of the colours in the beautiful floral top meaning that i have the opportunity and excuse to partner it with some beautiful purple lipstick! 

Crop Top: Miss Selfridge
Skort: Topshop 
Sandals: River Island 
Lipstick: Avon


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