Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Bikini Life.

My final holiday style diary blogpost is about a holiday MUST HAVE, Bikinis! Being abroad means spending hours and hours in your bikini getting an amazing tan. I am very tactical with my bikini wearing in order to get the best tan possible! and tanning oil is also a must have on holiday as well!! 
I took 3 bikinis with me to Lanzarote and each one of them was completely different. On the first day of holiday i like to wear a bikini with straps or a halterneck as this is the only time its really acceptable to get tan lines around your neck, and this means that you can then see your tan developing and the tan lines around your neck disappear as you gradually get browner!! 
My first bikini is my gorgeous navy polka dot scallop halterneck and i think its just the cutest bikini ever!! I saw this online and just had to have it! I love anything with polka dots and also love when items have scallop edges (I have quite a lot of clothes like this). 
My next bikini was my blue and white striped balconette bikini, this one is strapless and padded. The style of it is so beautiful and the colours are lush! 
My final bikini is this yellow strapless one, which to be honest i didnt think i would ever wear because i just didnt think yellow was really a very good colour for me, but i absolutely love it! The fit is perfect and its very comfy!! Strapless bikinis are a must have for holiday as if you want to wear something for a night time which is strapless then the last thing you want is really obvious tan lines around your neck!! 

I have really enjoyed doing my holiday style diary and loved having the opportunity to write about my summer clothes for one last time before autumn and winter! Keep your eyes peeled for some blog posts coming soon with autumn outfits!! :) 

Blue Polka Dot Scallop Bikini: Next
Blue and white striped Balconette Bikini: Topshop
Yellow strapless Bikini: Next


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