Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Settled in...

So today is the start of day 2 in my new home in Cardiff. I'm all settled in now and feeling much happier than a couple of days ago. I moved on Sunday 3rd August and flew down to Bristol international airport from Newcastle. Sunday was hands down the hardest day of my life so far! This was because I had to say goodbye to my absolutely amazing family and it was horrible. 
First I said goodbye to my step sister and bestfriend, Zoe. It was a lot worse and more emotional than I would ever have imagined and I ended up crying my eyes out. Mainly because we have been bestfriends for as long as I can remember but also because this wasn't even a small reflection on how I was going to feel when I said goodbye to my brothers and mum. 
The next person to say goodbye to (which I knew was going to be super hard) was my little brother Jake. Me and jake are super close even though we're a few years apart in age difference. The minute I said goodbye to him I was in floods of tears which was just making me dread the next couple of hours even more..
As the time to leave for the airport was approaching, the next couple of people I had to say goodbye to was my brother Matthew and gary my step dad. Mum explained to me that Matthew didn't really understand that I was moving away and wouldn't be home for some time so considering that he said 'I don't know why you're getting so upset, everyone moves away' I understood what mum meant by this. Next was Gary, which was super emotional as I had such a feeling of gratitude for everything he had done for me, and if it wasn't for the fact I could barely speak for crying then I definitely would have told him this myself. 
After saying goodbye the journey the officially started to newcastle airport with my brother james and mum. On arrival to the airport I checked my luggage in and had a giant lump in my throat at the fact that I knew what was to come next. At the bottom of some random escalators is where I said goodbye to my mum and brother. I don't think my mum has ever gripped me so tight in her arms ever, seeing her cry like that made me feel like I needed to be strong and not sob as much because it would definitely just make her feel worse:(. Next I knew that I had to say goodbye to james (and considering my brother shows no emotion towards anyone, he was super upset and hugging me, which is also something that he never does). After a further 5 minutes of goodbyes to my mum and james I knew it was time to go... Walking through the airport looking like a mess from crying I felt so low but knew that the positive part was to come next when I would walk through arrivals and see simon standing waiting for me. 
When I got to Bristol and saw him I was super happy but also still feel overwhelmed with the day so far. I felt really touchy towards anything emotional and knew that I would cry at the smallest things. When I got back it my new house I noticed that Simon had left me a lovely surprise on the table for doing well in my degree. Which obviously made me smile :). 
Now I'm 2 days in to my new life in cardiff and so far it's great, very chilled and relaxed and loving every minute I spend with Simon!  Wonder how long this lasts hehehe.... 

Lauren x


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