Friday, 8 August 2014

It's a purple day.

So today is yet again another warm day so I chose to wear a very thin material purple skater dress. This dress is one of my favourite things to wear when it's warm as it's casual, thin and very easy to wear and accessorise! Today I decided to wear it with a cute little floral necklace which is black and white with gold studs.. As this is also very simplistic and pretty! I also LOVE my lipstick collection, I have such a variety of different colours and today I thought would be perfect to wear a lipstick which matches the colour of my dress! So today I chose to wear a deep purple lipstick as this is such a gorgeous colour but also because I feel that it really defines the shape of your lips! 
I have previously worn this dress with tights which makes it great to wear in the winter also! This dress is so versatile and looks great with any necklace and any lipstick colour! 
Today I also decided to wear my hair straight as I don't wear it like this very often. I've had my hair dyed ombre since November 2013 and absolutely love it, it's sooo easy to maintain and when my natural colour comes through it is barely noticeable! I do sometimes feel that it is time to go back full blonde again though, which is why I love wear my hair straight as the blondes very bright in my hair when I wear it like this! 

Dress: topshop
Necklace: River island 
Lipstick: avon 

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