Thursday, 14 August 2014

Part 1 Festival Essentials : Fashion & make up must haves

So here is the first of my Festival Fashion Blog Post's, I will be posting more than one as I plan my outfits and get prepared for Creamfields Festival next weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for more updates!! 

The main theme of todays post is to tell people what I believe the absolute essential festival items are, that simply cannot be forgotten!! 

So Firstly you cannot forget a cute little scrunchie for when your hair is getting in the way when your having the time of your life jumping around dancing to amazing music, or you might want to wear a scrunchie anyway as they are the ultimate accessory at the moment and look cute no matter how you wear them in your hair! So not to worry about feeling underdressed because your hair is tied up, this will finish the ultimate festival hair style off perfectly! 
Second is my photograph of some LUSH sunglasses I found online (which were an absolute steal as always)! These ones are particularly cute as they have a gorgeous tortoise shell round frame and are the kind of sunglasses everyone seems to be trying to get their hands on at the moment. However, you dont need to wear these kind of sunglasses to complete your festival look.. I have noticed that ANY sunglasses are acceptable for festivals.. i wore aviators last year and absolutely loved them but just fancied a change this year!! 
NEXT... is my cute little bumbag, and yes i have to say bumbags are the ULTIMATE festival accessory, you need one of these to complete the festival look. Unfortunately they seem to be quite hard to come across in shops because everyone is trying to get their hands on them, and when you do eventually find some they cost a fortune! So, my solution was to find a good quality bumbag which was just plain black and i customised it myself using some lovely little daisy embellishments. VERY easy and simple to make and cost about £4 in total, that is a serious STYLE STEAL. 
In terms of hair, and for all of you people out there who have hair like me which is naturally curly or wavy (uncontrollable on occassions), this Umberto Giannini 'Scrunching jelly' is the BEST to use if you want a nice bouncy look for your hair. This product would also be great if your hair gets wet (fingers crossed it doesn't rain... but this is Britain) as it smells amazing and can be scrunched into your hair to stop it from being frizzy and looking horrendous!! I have tried out so many different hair products to control my hair and honestly this is the best one ive ever come accross. RECOMMEND!
Finally i posted 2 photos of my make-up today which is the basics of how I personally will be doing my make up while I am away at creamfields festival next weekend. For my face make up I use Estee Lauder Double wear foundation because it is the best foundation I have ever come accross and stays on for hours (perfect for when your out in them fields partying day and night), next i use Rimmel's Stay Matte Pressed powder just to add a softer look to my skin! For my cheeks I always wear Maybelline's expert wear blush to show the shape of my cheekbones and make them much more noticeable! For Creamfields I will be using my Naked 2 Eyeshadow pallette from Urban Decay as i absolutely LOVE the colours in it and it creates a beautiful smokey eye look!! Also i will be doing normal eye makeup such as eyeliner but using plenty of mascara as I wont be wearing eyelashes! 
Although it is not on this blog post or the photographs I will for sure be wearing some very bright lipsticks as lipstick is my favourite make-up and festivals are the perfect excuse to brighten up your lips with some crazy colours!!

Hope this helps you all to plan some of your outfits and know what to pack for festivals this summer!! Obviously because Creamfields starts a week tomorrow I will be blogging some more in the next week about various other necessities and my chosen outfits!! so keep your eyes peeled for me uploading them!! 

Lauren x


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