My name is Lauren May Thwaites, I am 24 years old and currently living in Chesterfield which is situated in North Derbyshire and a 10 minute drive away from Sheffield. I run the blog WhatLaurenLovess which I created in August 2014 between the time of finishing my Adult Nursing BSc and commencing my first job as a Staff Nurse. I am originally from County Durham but over the past few years have moved around a fair amount due to University and work commitments of my own and my long term partner, Simon. I have been with my boyfriend, Simon for almost 8 years now as we have been together since the school days! 

Here on WhatLaurenLovess you can expect to read all about beauty, fashion, travel, lifestyle and occasionally the odd nursing related post. I have a huge passion for every topic I write about which is the reason for me starting a blog because I can offer advice to others all about the things I love! Ever since the age of 8 I have had a huge love of photography and even as a child I had my camera in my hand at all times. This is another reason why I decided to create a blog because it has given me the opportunity to showcase my photographs in a place in which they are appreciated and knowing that you are clicking to view my images makes me so proud! 

Over the last 2 years of WhatLaurenLovess, I have worked alongside some incredible brands such as Topshop, John Lewis, House Of Fraser, French Connection, Look Fantastic, Lee Stafford, Kiehls and many more! 

In terms of aspirations and dreams for WhatLaurenLovess in the future, I just want my passion for my blog and the commitment I put into bringing you content continues to shine through! I post 3 times a week over here as well as bringing you a minimum of 2 videos per week over on my youtube channel. I would love for my blog to one day branch into being travel related and I hope that I can continue to bring you content reviewing and showcasing incredible products! 

If you want to check out my video content then head over to my youtube channel, over there you can expect to see monthly favourites, make up looks and tutorials, Nursing advice videos, fashion look books, fashion & beauty hauls, fun videos and many more! You can also find me over on instagram, twitter, pinterest and snapchat which is 'whatlaurenloves'. 


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